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I enjoyed this book. Lists with This Book. A revelation that the guru says has transformed their lives. Our admiration for someone we see as our guru just takes this one step further. Storr considers that Harvey was seeking a mother figure which came from the effective loss of his mother at a young age from being sent to boarding school at the age of six.

A very important book by one of the truely wise men of the psychiatric profession, or in Storr’s case vocation. Selected pages Title Page. He also profiles Rudolf Steiner and Paul Brunton as mystics with weird ideas who were given to self-delusion.

Feb 12, Mastermutt rated it really liked it.

Feet Of Clay | Book by Anthony Storr | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

It later covers some other well known men, like Jung, Freud, Rajneesh, and some dude named Jesus. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. However, Storr makes the extremely good point that the line is not always so clear cut between irrational beliefs and rational beliefs in terms of social acceptance – such as that many ordinary people believe in religion – religious beliefs are simply mainstream and sanctioned.

For example, Storr writes of Andrew Harvey’s experience with Mother Meera, a seventeen-year-old Indian woman, whom Harvey would visit to have his head held by her in silence.

Feet of clay

He wanted psychoanalysis to be an impersonal quest for truth in which the relationship between patient and analyst was entirely professional and objective rather than personal. Should a guru with weird beliefs antgony considered mad?


I don’t like to bash, but I just did not feeh the author’s voice. Our desire for gurus We all have a propensity to put people on pedestals and make them gurus. Storr, a British psychologist who teaches at Oxford and has written a number of well-received books Solitude, ; Music and the Mind,etc.

Jul 21, a. This had been mentioned on my yoga course there’s one yoga guru in it and it’s mostly quite interesting, although I think inclusion of some of the individuals was stretching it a bit. Then he finds the theology to justify the craving. The whole of his later work can be read as an attempt to discover a substitute for the religious faith which he had lost. Published April 1st by HarperCollins Publishers first published I began to lose interest towards the end when th This had been mentioned on my yoga course there’s one yoga guru in it and it’s mostly quite interesting, although I think inclusion of some of the individuals was stretching it a bit.

A Study of Gurus by Anthony Storr. Several motivations come into play: The role he wanted to assume was that of a mountain guide. Storr says that gurus tend to be introverted and narcissistic, people who don’t think clau anyone really cares for them, which may stem from childhood experiences.

Instead he found that his patients made him into an idealized lover, a father figure, or a saviour. Felt like one of those people who tabloids consult to diagnose celebrities from far away The ability to speak fluently in public and good looks are helpful additional assets.

And that Jesus dude?

Comparative literature about women gurus would be useful to this being. This author holds his own personal opinion in very high esteem, and does a stogr of speculating on the possible psychoanalytic possibilities of each guru.

If an unconnected private citizen espoused comparable beliefs—for example, that angels are birthed from armpits and that dead ants will rise again—he would be considered mad.

The characteristics of a guru: I’ve collected all his book and read parts of them a few times. Open Preview See a Problem? I had very high hopes for this book.


FEET OF CLAY by Anthony Storr | Kirkus Reviews

Storr discusses these issues abstractly and also illustrates them with case studies of some well-known people he considers gurus, including bad guys like Jim Jones and David Koresh, iffy guys like Bhagwan Shree R Anthony Storr is a British psychiatrist who has written extensively about Freud, Jung, creativity and violence.

Anthony Storr was an English psychiatrist and author. Anyway, it’s basically saying that all people who are revered in ways like these guys are have many similar characteristics, mostly in the childhood lives. It is the unchallengeable truth—objective verification is irrelevant. Please provide an email address. While some gurus have been destructive, like many dictators, some have also managed to produce works beneficial to society.

This thoughtful and engaging book provides answers Aug 04, Ahmet Dursun rated it liked it. An eye-opening investigation of charismatic “gurus” from Jesus to Freud to David Koresh, by the author of “Solitude: What traits or life-experiences do they share?

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It probably won’t shock you to learn that religious leaders are of a certain brain chemistry. Charisma is explained as often coming from the guru’s almost total self-belief and focused interest in the disciple. Communes even if harsh are remembered by some followers as happy periods of their lives due to the sense of community and abnegation of mental responsibility that comes from following an authoritarian.

A deep belief that the revelation is true and right. It was especially fun to read a psych perspective on mathematical discovery, which was compared to the revelation of gurus. He felt mystical experiences; a calm, love. Leaving this one midway.