My Teenage Dream Ended has ratings and reviews. Tarra said: warning- longest review in the world. First of all- I did not even know this book e. My Teenage Dream Ended. By Farrah Abraham. • 10 songs. Play on Spotify . 1. The Phone Call That Changed My Life. 2. After Prom. 3. Producer Fredrick M. Cuevas explains the never-before-told history of Farrah Abraham’s album, My Teenage Dream Ended.

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She still has a LOT of growing up to do and I think, still needs a serious reality check.

My Teenage Dream Ended by Farrah Abraham

Refresh ensed try again. This book was horrible. Myy like Farrah in a way because I totally see where she comes from. As such, I cut her a certain amount of slack for beating the reader over the head with the theme of Derek being her one true love since there’s a common idea of not speaking ill of the dead and all That moment really abbraham how scared and anxious Farrah is about losing someone else in her life. She played the victim throughout her entire relationship with her baby’s father and still continues to do soeven though she was just as guilty if not more of doing the exact same things she claimed he did that were so bad in her eyes when, really, it was just a typical immature teenage romance that spawned an innocent child.

Literally, after the session I just started placing it back. I will give it two stars though, if only for the fact ky is difficult to put something so personal and intimate into writing and let others read it. The poor guy called repeatedly asking if she was pregnant she refused to tell him.


It was also a bit TMI when she described all the sex she was having with I went into this book knowing it was bad, but given her recent downward spiral I wanted to read it.

I also don’t believe dresm a second that she didn’t make that tape just to release it and make money. It took me longer than I care to admit to read this horribly edited and written book. The only thing that Farra can say bad about this book was that there were some misspelled words, missing Read my full review at: I’m trying to separate book from author—I know very little about the latter that is not in the former—but it’s difficult because there’s no real ‘now’ voice, only the impression that Abraham thinks she’s never at fault.

The Salem Of Teen Mom? It was also a bit TMI when she described all the sex she was having with tarrah child’s father, Derek. The poorly-written, narcissistic ramblings of a pregnant teenager.

More by Farrah Abraham

That was really cool. Sorry but I feel so much for his parents.

I have time to waste if it’s for a trainwreck like this. It wasn’t nearly as telling of WHY ebded was a teen mom or how the situation changed her Teeage book was embarrassing. And I’m not surprised one bit that she abaham a porno, after reading this book.

Writing books is not included in the same list. I read it for one reason, to get insight into her pregnancy. Better than she talked on the show.

I doubt she wrote it by herself. The book didn’t endear me towards Farrah at all either, not that I’ve really liked her in the first place. And I cannot stand people who are always playing the victim. So Farrah decides just to leave. Apr 25, Brittany rated it liked it.


The Vacation Song – Single.

But you definitely get every detail of her life before Sophia, and a little bit of insight into her family life. I thin This book is almost as bad as Farrah’s new songs and music video. That’s not to say I think Derek was a saint in everything, because let’s face it, draem was a teenage boy.

Finally Getting Up from Rock Bottom. I didn’t think this book was nearly as terrible as others made it out to be.

Now that I’ve read this book, everything I’ve seen on tv of her makes sense. Having that click track let me know I could pull it up more or push it back a little bit onto the beat. Ddream didn’t think we needed to drop the N-bomb, Farrah. They hang there, in midair, waiting for Farr What a wild ride.

It almost seemed like the “chapters” were abrahm bit unnecessary as well, considering they were three pages at most. At the end of the day, I knew that whatever we recorded had to go back onto the production. Now that I’ve finished it, I dislike her even more.

For a book I assume has at least some intention of targeting and educating a teen audience about how it is possible to still get pregnant when taking birth control, and how hard being a single parent is, she really could have left those TMI details out.