The complete New York Times bestselling Uglies series is available as a collectible boxed set. The future isn’t far away. In Tally Youngblood’s world, looks . Aya Fuse considers herself an Extra throughout much of Extras. This article is a stub. You can help Uglies Wiki by expanding it. For the book, see Extras (book). Extras is a young adult science fiction novel written by Scott Westerfeld. Simon& Schuster on October 2, , and is a companion book to the Uglies series.

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This is Aya’s undying desire and she will do anything to get it.

Do you think Aya’s “reputation economy” is a good idea? Westerfeld does a great job of creating and explaining the futuristic world he has created in these pages so that it truly comes to life on the page. It is set in a different city with new technologies and the main character doesn’t really know what happened in the first 3 books. Japan is all about face rank now, a little like a city-sized YouTube, with everyone sporting a hovercam and a feed to broadcast whatever they think will boost their rank.

Retrieved from ” http: Like the innovative ‘Uglyville’, the bad-ass clique of mysterious girls who perform dangerous tricks in secrecy were also christened badly – ‘The Sly Girls’.

: Uglies: Uglies; Pretties; Specials; Extras (): Scott Westerfeld: Books

The first three books Uglies, Pretties, and Specials follow Tally Youngblood, a fifteen-year-old girl living in a futuristic world so dominated by plastic surgery that anyone who looks normal is ugly. However, she does ugliies the chance to tell Hiro and Ren about the Sly Girls story, dxtras from her description Ren guesses that the chute inside the mountain is a mass driver which, combined with the steel projectiles, could be used to launch an eextras on the city.


The writing could do with a bit of a makeover ugliez keep things more interesting and less repetitive. That’s a cruel joke. All in all I’m glad the Uglied finally over!!! She has no idea why she wants to become popular and when she becomes a prominent “kicker” she begins grumbling and whining. I was hoping for more. The story is also utterly original covering very different territory than the rest of the series.

This is not something I will be rereading The higher the hits, the more famous you are. So, if you felt underwhelmed by the original trilogy, I still recommend giving this a go because I think that Westerfeld has stepped up his game at long last. As if being fifteen doesn’t suck enough, Aya Fuse’s face rank is so low, she’s a total nobody. It’s three years after rebel Tally Youngblood took down the Prettytime regime.

Extras is a young adult science fiction novel written by Scott Westerfeld. UgliesPrettiesSpecialsand Extras.

Extras (novel) – Wikipedia

I love his dystopic world in the future with all the imaginative people and ways to be. Some sequels that bring in all new characters are annoying. A lot or a little? Jan 01, Abby rated it liked extfas Shelves: Aya’s hovercam, with near artificial intelligence. The Hunger Games, Book 1.

Extras (book)

Monkey-like creatures give chase in hovercars, pierce victims with needles on their fingers, and kidnap teens. She joins them, planning to betray them by kicking their story and become more famous than she’s ever dreamed of, but she soon finds something bigger – an explosive discovery that may change the face of the brand new world forever. And they are saving the planet in the most ridiculous fashion. It doesn’t pick up right where the trilogy left off, but a lot of questions are answered by the end of this book.


He has always been in love with Tally.

When these strange silver creatures were sighted and investigated, I thought they were going to be some crazy plot twist enemy race that were going to change Aya and make her shed her flawed, selfish character. Aug 27, Sam rated it did not like it.

Extras: Uglies Quartet, Book 4

Extras The Uglies Author s: I was actually annoyed to see Tally in this one and her attitude. I felt like Scott Westerfeld just wrote this one for the fans and that he was really finished when he did the third book. Can I give this no stars?

Meanwhile, they, the Cutters, would go to destroy the ships of the inhumans. This one just doesn’t quite make it in my list. One person found this helpful. Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Top Kid Picks.

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