The Incoterms® Rules are recognized and used worldwide in contracts for the sale and purchase of goods. They assist the business community by providing. Regional Risk & Insurance Manager—Midwest, Expeditors This seminar will help you understand how Incoterms® impact your supply chain. The choice of transportation mode is probably the most straight forward an importer will face. The decision is made based on timing, value of. Read More.

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International Commercial terms Incoterms decided by the Trade Partners. Enter the terms of trade tied to the invoice value in the transaction. Once you provide the required inputs, the Wizard returns the total cost of importing the selected commodity to a specified destination country. Charges as applicable at the port of destination.

Charges at the origin. Description of the product as described at Customs. Charges Only the charges applicable, incotersm on Incoterms, will be enabled for entry. Country of import of the product. Select a currency for the Incoterm value you entered in the previous step. Landed Cost Results Page. Landed cost expsditors the quoted or invoiced cost of a commodity, plus any inbound transportation charges including duties, international freight, insurance, etc.


Country of manufacture of the product.

Business Confidential and Proprietary. Reproduction by written authorization only. Customs valuation rules vary by country.

What are Incoterms? Here’s what you should know!

You must upload rates before using this function. Click Verify incoterjs verify its accuracy. Freight at the origin. When you click the icon, a pop-up window will display all of the rates you have uploaded that have the same country of import and export. Required if Incoterms is EX-works.

A list of the fields that appear in the Landed Cost section:. Choices are AirOceanRailor Truck. See the field definitions below for more information.

Country of export of the product. The results page will appear.

What are Incoterms? Here’s what you should know!

Some countries, such as the U. See HS Classification for more information.

Charges Only the charges applicable, based on Incoterms, will be enabled for entry Click the icon for any of the fields in nicoterms section to find the rate and calculate the charges automatically. The landed cost calculated by Tradeflow’s wizard provides an estimation of the costs involved in trading goods across borders.



Enter the value of your transaction for the Incoterm you have selected. Select the currency that the landed cost results should appear in. Click the icon for any of the fields in this section to find the rate and calculate the charges automatically.

Click Classify to exxpeditors the product and determine the HS code. The menu will expand. Harmonized Schedule number of the product. A landed cost calculation is comprised of four main elements:. Expeditors Technical Communications Department .