This article describes the applications, process capabilities, and limitations and advantages of electrostream and capillary drilling. It describes equipment and. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Sridhar ioned.

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This aspect reduces the resistance to current flow and may help in improving process performance. Typical minimum diameter can be achieved by LBM. The magnitude of stray current will be more at higher voltage which leads to more widening of the lop surface diameter of the hole. An acidic electrolyte, however, dissolves the metal, and carries away as metal ions Fig 1.

One such problem is drilling small deep holes in the super alloys. Namdev for their consistent efforts in making the experimental set ellectrostream.

This increase is attributed to stray current effect i.

Electrostream Drilling Of High Speed Steel

Chamber is provided with a slope at the top to drop down the sprinkled liq- uid electrolyte to the bottom. Design of experiments for ESD Ekectrostream evaluate the effects of electrolyte concentration and voltage on material re- moval machined mass machined hole depth, and machined hole diameter out- ercentral composite rotatable design was selected.


The following features are of great importance. In ESD, the current drawn during the machining is of the order of millie amperes that is very low. Platinum is used because of its good electrical conductivity, and its inertness to acidic action.

Work table Both are made up of perspex, as perspex is acid resistant material and it possess good electrical insulating properties. July, Acknowledgement I take this opportunity to express the feeling of sincere gratitude tov’.

Electrostream and Capillary Drilling | Machining | Books Gateway | ASM International

To obtain the idea of interac- tions and higher order effects, second order designs are preferred. Ti and electrolyte concentration 2: Anil for his cooperation in fabricating the set-up, and his timely help during experimentation. Gussef, a Russian scientist, in and much latter by C.

The chamber is provided with an outlet at the bottom to facilitate used elec- trolyte disposal. Taper angles of ESD machined holes at different operating conditions Mxpcriincnis are planned according to central composite rotatable design for two input electrosteam.

In such cases, non-traditio. So acidic electrolyte HCl is used for machining: Deepest depth shown in Fig 2. This problem occured quite often and at this point contin- uous arcing was observed.

The method shows advantages over other hole making techniques in terms of the resulting surface quality and process reliability. Electrolyte HCl Experiments were conducted using hydro chloric acid [HCl at different con- centrations.

  ISO 6486-1 PDF

Pipes are clamped electtostream the junctions by wire clamping to avoid the release of pipes due to electrolyte pressure. HSS is used as cutting tool material for turning, milling, shapingplaningbroaching etc.

So far, parametric study reported involved the usage of salt electrolytes only. Block diagram of the experimental system of study The arrows on the right show the numerical characteristic of the goals of inves- ekectrostream and they are called responses yields.

Faraday in estab- lished the laws of electrolysis.

Dr. V K Jain -Publications

Chryssoluris and Wollowitz [4] developed an electro chemi- cal hole making technique which uses uninsulated tools and passivating XaClOz electrolytes.

Asymmetry is observed in opposite faces of hole profiles, elfctrostream may be due location of hole center not exactly along the parting line; S also the thick black passivating film formation is supposed to be the cause of reduction in material removal in z-axis direction. Reason for using split type work pieces is to visualize the depth profile after machining.

S, after machining is covered a electostream, tenacious black film.