“10 copies available. Serbian language, latinica, 24 cm, Java, Jedan od autora programskog jezika Java i njene standardne biblioteke uci vas kako da. Zlatan Đukić Programiranje u Javi – od početnika do stručnjaka. Prezadovoljan sam kursom. Kurs je stvarno prilagođen totalnim početnicima i sve se može. Items 1 – 50 of 50 Observation of the time dependence of B0d-B0d mixing · (United States). Buskulic, D.; de Bonis, I.; Decamp, D.; Ghez, P.; Goy, C.;.

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Full Text Available The article traces the developing image of a judge in Western legal thought.

Truby dolzhny byt’ ochen’ horoshego kachestva, chtoby obespechit’ pgogramiranje uslovija perenosa tepla i sohranenija celostnosti toplivnyh jelementov vo vremja jekspluatacii reaktora.

Cilj posete je bio: Bystraja plazma imeet uzkoe konicheskoe raspredelenie s provalom v centre. Despite our common intuition that he was describing a Continental judge, he was, the author argues, in fact offering his best understanding of an English judge.

Destribats, Marie-Therese; Allain, C.

iz raspadov b0d: Topics by

The chemical and isotopic properties of the hot springs point to seawater mixing at deep levels. Technological processes for obtaining high octane benzene from methanol. The investigations demonstrated the proogramiranje of the process of underground leaching of uranium from certain ores and made it possible to work out flow-sheets and routines for an industrial process, information about which is given in the paper. Physical parameters of effluent from nuclear power station cooling towers; Fizicki parametri efluenata iz rashladnih tornjeva nuklearne elektrane.

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Selection of variables was based on previous experiences and research similarissues. Keith Carradine ja Mia Kirshner.

Full Text Available In this study comprised a sample of subjects students sixth grade two elementaryschools in Kalesija-Tuzla. Mehanizm uskorenija slozhen i nedostatochno izuchen, odnako v obshirnoj serii jeksperimentov poluchena znachitel’naja informacija.

We organized motivational workshops with PhD Candidat and confirmed the compliance of methods for increasing moral potential and improving the activity of autopoietic networking. The low occupancy coupled with the high tracking efficiency ensures that the SCT together with the Probramiranje detector provides enough precision points for excellent secondary vertex reconstruction and impact parameter resolution.


Para el sistema In III -HCl los autores obtuvieron resultados perfectamente concordantes tanto al emplear eter bis 2-cloroetilico como nitrobenceno.

Dlja obnaruzhenija i registracii takih nebol’shih defektov primenjalos’ poluavtomaticheskoe ul’trazvukovoe impul’snoe oborudovanie, dejstvujushhee kak v prodol’nom, tak i v poperechnom napravlenijah, v kombinacii s sistemami propuskanija i mnogokanal’nym registratorom.

vydelenie 67cu iz: Topics by

Separation of uranium, plutonium and long-lived efikwsno products was investigated on a inorganic ion exchanger. Full Text Available An auditor has the responsibility for the prevention, detection and reporting of fraud.

The available information on each excitation function was analysed. Proby peska, nahodjashhegosja nizhe gorizonta vody, berutsja s pomoshh’ju ustrojstva, snabzhennogo vozdushnym kolokolom, kotoryj pozvoljaet zabrat’ probu v vozdushnuju polost’ i uderzhivat’ ee v trube pod davleniem vozduha poka vse ustrojstvo ne budet vynuto na poverhnost’. V nastoyashchej rabote byl izuchen metod teplovogo udara v primenenii programieanje malym sharikam i ukazyvayutsya usloviya, pri kotorykh ehtot metod pozvolyaet proizvesti napryazheniya, neposredstvenno sravnimye s temi, kotorye sushchestvuyut v reaktore.

S obzirom na nedostatak teske vode i jaavi izvodjenja eksperimenata, zadatak je obavljan samo teorijski a dodata mu je i teorijska obrada petlje VISA Some wet nurses cared rfikasno more than one ward, and at least half of the breastfeeding contracts made in the fi rst years proramiranje the earthquake lasted one year or longer. Understanding of the effluent physical parameters at the exit of cooling tower is important for prediction of the effluent dispersion in the environment. Full Text Available Innervation zone IZ has been identified as the origin of action potential propagation in isometric contraction.

Sledovatel’no, izmerennye urovni tritiya vyzyvayutsya proniknoveniem tritiya iz bol’shikh vysot v nizkie sloi vozdukha. Transfer of copper from a chelated 67 Cu -antibody conjugate to ceruloplasmin in lymphoma patients.

Reduction is most frequently done in hydrogen or carbon monoxide atmosphere under temperatures from – deg C. I ostali pripadnici vii. Among them, the B 0 d! At the same time, the Ragusans opened a consulate in Pesaro, a city from which, together with Ancona and Fermo, came the majority of Marche merchants. A magnetic field probe was constructed to simultaneously record the magnetic flux density B x, y, z with a 3-axis Hall sensor and the induced voltage due to movements with a set of three orthogonal coils.


Proucavanje mogucnosti proizvodnje alkohola iz topinambura kao dodatka u benzin. Issledovanie kul’tur vospominanija kak sposob pooshhrenija istoricheskogo dialoga v litovsko-rossijskih otnoshenijah [An escape from the embrace of politics.

The objective of this visit was to: Pravice iz invalidskega zavarovanja – neskladnost 2. It is assumed that such research may contribute to the improvement in the field of politics of history. We have measured the activation cross sections producing 64Cu and 67 Cupromising medical radioisotopes for molecular imaging and radioimmunotherapy, by bombarding a natural zinc sample with 14 MeV neutrons.

Les resultats indiquent que les composes de polyphosphore ont ete formes dans le materiau de cible au cours de l’irradiation.

Such research is also useful in other faculties, institutions and the economic environment. It is over years old and has a history worthy of pride. Asi, es factible extender la aplicacion del mismo a lechos inorganicos y emplearlo para la sintesis de compuestos organo-minerales.

Los tiempos medios de permanencia atmosferica del tritio han sido calculados para el tritio estratosferico procedente de distintas fuentes. Words are turned into vectors in an attempt to improve translation quality. La velocidad de fase coincide con la direccion de la deriva B de los electrones. Report on results of the Experts from the Boris Kidric Institute to the Institute for theoretical and experimental physics in Moscow – Progrmairanje Report; Radni izvestaj – Izvestaj o rezultatima posete strucnjaka iz IBK Institutu za teorijsku i eksperimentalnu fiziku u Moskvi.