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Thus there exists a spiritual equilibrium or liberty betwixt good and evil, by the action of one, and the re-action of the other; for example, in good men this equilibrium is effected by the action of the good principle, and the reaction of the evil principle; but, in bad men, evil is the agent, sib,y good is but the re-agent.

His appearance is represented as perfectly celestial, having a crown of gold upon his head, with a shield and spear in his hands, for the protection of those over whom he presides.

File:Ebenezer Sibly, the British astrologer. Wellcome Ljpg – Wikimedia Commons

Thirdly; because man, when he enters into the interior recesses of his spirit, exercises rule over his outward economy, prescribing laws thereto, how to speak and act in order to conciliate the good will and favour of others, and that by a constrained external behaviour. L Ebenezer Sibly, the British astrologer.

He studied surgery in London. That the spirit of a man is not separated from his body before all motion and power in the heart entirely ceases, is because the heart corresponds to the affection of love, which is the very life of man, for it is from love that every one derives his vital heat; therefore, so long as this conjunction lasts, so long the correspondence continues, and it is from correspondency that the spirit actuates and communicates life to the body.

But, notwithstanding that the coming of Christ hath thus curtailed the power of the devil over all Christian countries, yet such nations as never embraced the Christian faith, but egenezer the ancient superstition and idolatry, are still deluded and bewitched by him, because, the centre of truth and light never having sibl awakened in them, the power of Satan easily prevails to seduce them to worship things visible, instead of the ebenezeer God: A strange but plausible reason is that Sibly calculated a London chart because he could!

The world of spirits, says this author, is neither heaven nor hell, but a place or state betwixt both, into which man immediately enters after death; and, after staying there a certain time, longer or shorter, according to what his past life had been in this world, he is either received up into heaven, or cast down into hell.

Subscription or UK public library membership required. As man is possessed of liberty or free will, in order to be capable of regeneration, therefore he can have communication in spirit with heaven or with hell; for evil spirits from the one, and angels from the other, are present with him; by the former he possesses his own evil; by the latter he is in the principle of good from the Lord; and herein stands his equilibrium or liberty.

Historian Michael Baigent ebenezwr presented a case that as a Freemason, Sibly had connections with fellow masons and signatories: A full account of his conversation and intercourse with spirits is now extant, written with his own hand, and esteemed a very curious and singular performance.

This file comes from Wellcome Imagesa website operated by Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation based in the United Kingdom.

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Illustrated by a variety of new, entertaining, and curious, Questions, lately resolved, upon every material Occurrence in public and private Life. Wellcome Images images wellcome. The [] reason why they meet and know one another in the world of spirits, and not so in heaven or hell, is because in the world of spirits they pass through the same state they were in in this life, and sihly from one to another; but afterwards all are fixed in one permanent state respectively according to the state of that love which prevails in them; in which one knows another from similarity of beenezer for similitude ebenezrr, but dissimilitude separates.


Baratronappearing like a magician in a solemn priestly habit. It was also the opinion of many great and wise philosophers, that the Oracles of old proceeded from such spirits as had been the ghosts or departed souls of wise and excellent ebenezeer as the oracle of Apollo, the oracle of Pallas, or Minerva, and the like.

ICV No Photo number: Thus does the Lord keep the balance betwixt good and evil in his own hand for the preservation of his kingdoms.

Ebenezer Sibly – Wikipedia

It is to be observed, that to love and to will a thing is the same; for, what a man wills he loves, and what he loves that he also wills. The angular data was presumably derived from the same astronomical tables. But, as to the locality or circumscription of the kingdom of darkness, it is far otherwise to be considered than the common and vulgar idea of it, which esteems the infernal habitation as a distinct chasm or gulph in a certain place, either above, under, or in the centre of, the earth, where [] innumerable devils and wicked souls inhabit, and are perpetually scorched and tormented with material flames of fire.

The Distinction between Astrology and the Diabolical Practice of Exorcism; in which the Methods used for raising up and consulting Spirits are laid open, with various instances of their Compacts with wicked Men. I know – I starting calculating charts by hand in the late 70s. As to the shapes and various likenesses of these wicked spirits or devils, it is generally believed, that, according to their different capacities in wickedness, so their shapes are answerable after a magical manner, resembling spiritually some horrid and ugly monsters, as their conspiracies against the power of God were high and monstrous when they fell from heaven.

Hence it may appear, how man becomes truly and properly rational, viz. The case is similar with respect to man’s communication with the societies in heaven and in hell, by the intervention of his associate spirit from the world of spirits. And further, when he found his coadjutor Kelly was degenerating into the lowest and worst species of the magic art, for the purposes of fraud and avaricious gain, he broke off all manner of connexion with him, and [] would never after be seen in his company.

Such souls in whom the boiling source of anger and revenge hath had a dwelling or receptacle here, if they depart this life in their sins, do likewise endure a most dreadful kind of torment, which arises continually as a biting worm and hungry fire, to double and accumulate an excess of despair upon them. There are three states which man goes through after death, before he enters into heaven or hell; the first respects his exterior part; the second his interior; and the third is his state of final preparation.

Agrippa’s Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy. The hypocrites here spoken of, are such as know how to talk like angels upon divine subjects, and yet in their hearts exalt nature on God’s throne, and disbelieve all heavenly truths, acknowledged in the Christian church.

Please try your request again later. Such are the men described by St. Sometimes the apparition of a person will appear to its beloved friend, husband, wife, or relation, at many thousand miles distance, to acquaint them of its departure from this life, whilst otherwise the party would be totally ignorant of the event.

And in this particular we have too many fatal examples [] upon record, of the sudden destruction of those who by magical spells had called upon this description of spirits, for the purpose of discovering hidden gold; which examples seem to prove, that these spirits have more affinity with the infernal than with the astral hierarchy; and that they are the diabolical agents of Mammon bringing about all the evils of this world, which spring from an insatiable lust after gold; whence the saying in scripture, that ” we cannot serve God and Mammon ,” and that ” it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven ;” hyperbolically spoken, in reference to the innumerable sins and wickedness committed by mankind, for the sake of temporary wealth and riches!


FROM what has been premised in the foregoing parts of this work, it will now become manifest to every unprejudiced reader, that Astrology and Magic, how much soever they have been confounded with each other, and considered by the vulgar as one and the same doctrine, are nevertheless two very opposite and distinct pursuits. Now in this state of introversion, when he thinks freely from his inmost disposition and affections, he is properly himself, or in his true life.

File:Ebenezer Sibly, the British astrologer. Wellcome L0013162.jpg

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. There are several other possible ways of accounting for the chart. Kelly, being thus enenezer and discountenanced by the doctor, betook himself to the meanest and most vile practices of the magic art; in all which pursuits, money and the works of the devil appear to have been his chief aim.

The engraving of eebnezer instruments p. Magazine of natural history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

These, as well as every other kind of astral spirits, are more or less obsequious to the kingdom of darkness; and the devil, it seems, can effect little or nothing without their assistance in this outward or elementary world, upon the passions of mankind; because their bodies are too crude for the direct conveyance ebenzer their influence, either in dreams, charms, visions, raptures, or other sort of alluring means.

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In this equilibrium is the world of spirits, which is situated in the midst betwixt heaven and hell; and this may appear from hence, that every man immediately after death enters into the world of spirits, and there continues in the same state in which he died; is examined and proved thereby, as a touchstone of his principles; and remains under the same free will, which all indicate an equilibrium; for such a spiritual equilibrium there is in every man and spirit, as observed before.

It is to be lamented, and the more for its tendency to promote infidelity, that many of the learned, so called, have in a manner defined and refined spiritual nature into nothing, by divesting it of substantiality, to which it has a more peculiar right by far than matter; nor is the body of an angel less substantial in a proper sense of the word than a solid rock, though not according to the condition of material nature.

That man would not be capable of being reformed or regenerated without free will, is because he is by the original constitution of his nature born to evils of every kind, which must be removed in order to his salvation; and that can only be by his knowing, owning, renouncing, and abhorring, them.

If you find this and other documents in these archives valuable, please do not copy except for private use. Thus far we have considered spirit ebenwzeror such as properly belong to the elementary or outward world. But the condition of the evil in this state is according to his particular concupiscence. Wellcome Images images wellcome.