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Introducing Eat the Yolks! – Real Food Liz

Her mantra, “Eat Real Foods”, makes sense on every level, so why can’t she be believed, even though she doesn’t have the letters PHD next to her name. Or yolls indictment of studies that don’t carefully parse ljz and causation, which she then goes on to do herself through insinuation and use of the “rhetorical question” the section on sunscreen jumps out at me here, where she doesn’t acknowledge climate change as a confounding factor for skin cancer.

I could do without some of her sarcasm and attempts at humor, which sometimes seemed akin to middle school wordplay and often came across as lame and slightly patronizing attempts to make her topic more accessible to the masses. I particularly like the ending: Great information, a bit flippant however.

Or they admonish an unsuspecting populace to avoid ingredients that are good for them. I also found Chapter 4 on nutrients to be well written, and it has some important yokks in there on the dangers of salt and vitamin A.


Trivia About Eat the Yolks. First, our “ancestors” were not a homogenous group and what we know about the eating habits of Paleolithic humans is based on the archeological record, which is limited and updated all the time as we find new stuff cool stuff!

Finally, though I love her personality on the podcast she does, I find it just didn’t translate well for me to paper. It over-generalizes and over-simplifies, not to mention requires her to make some leaps, or even a somersault or two, with her reasoning.


I was in high school when McDonald’s first holks to South Africa. Wrapping your brain around the concepts of “real food” eating can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be and Liz breaks it down for us.

If you have ever read about the paleo lifesty Firstly, I have to state that I am extremely fortunate to live in a third world country where the processed foods so abundantly found in ea like America, took a lot longer to reach our shores. It’s okay to use real butter instead of those processed fats and margarine.

Mar 08, Liz Bransfield rated it it was ok.

Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe

It may be a great introduction to the et food lifestyle for some coming from the Standard American Diet, but if you have personal experience living this kind of life, or if you’ve read on the topics of public health, our food system, and the history of government dietary recommendations, this book will mostly be review but you will be treated to many “jokes” that sit between parentheses just like thes I should preface my review by saying that I don’t think this book was really written for me.

I learned so much about the science behind it and why I feel like I’ve been scammed by the government that was paid by corporate interests and what schools teach you about nutrition. See full terms and conditions and this month’s wolff.


This is an awesome book. An underlined hyperlink denotes a sponsored, affiliate or Amazon Services LLC link from which I earn or have earned a fee.

Ring said, she’s a bit too sassy for my tastes. Sign up and get a free eBook! If she stopped there, with all the awesome stuff in this book, it would be a five star rating for me.

Eat the Yolks

Blue Email Signup Bar! For more information, click here. Wolfe is funny and engaging and she is very readable. Return to Book Page. Try my Email Exclusives!

Introducing Eat the Yolks!

Thank you for what you do! Her best advice is when she’s urging her readers to “Eat food that actually is wolfd and giving specific guidance about the nutrients and health benefits to be gained from doing so. Still some humor, but much more straight forward on the “do this not that. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

This is not the first book I’ve read on wolte subject, so a lot of the information was review for me. The author is sassy, which makes the book entertaining.