Drezner, however counter-argues this report and states that Obama had two. The first grand strategy was strategic “engagement” that the National Security. In uncertain times, grand strategies are important because they help others . of US foreign policy, which came to be known as the Obama doctrine (Drezner. , 1 – pp. The Obama doctrine: American grand strategy today, by Colin Dueck, three core questions: (i) Did the President in fact have a grand strategy ?; (ii) Drezner presciently suggested that the core. dilemma.

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Does the Obama administration have a grand strategy?

If that is correct, the expertise and experience of the current or former military officers—Generals James Mattis and John Kelly, or Lieutenant-General H. Our answer is no, they can’t. The pace of events in the first six months of the Trump presidency proved dazzling. From Truman onwards, the president and Congress often fought vociferously over principles and strategy—often crippling even statesmen such as Henry Kissinger.

As Mattis explained drezmer his written response to the Senate Armed Service Committee for his confirmation hearing:.

Clearly, the operational behaviour of American forces suggests NATO’s collective security remains intact. The debates about whether Trump has a grand strategy, if so what form it takes, and what form it should take, rage on.

Cornell University Press, forthcoming January In a period of flux, it is clearly premature to make definitive judgements about which strategies it will pursue and where; and we readily concede that our interpretations are contestable at this point.

More broadly, while Trump’s comments represent an ddoes version, burden-sharing debates and squabbles are not unusual.

Foreign PolicyUnited States. Beyond that, we have long sought to keep the Arctic stable and peaceful, as it has been. Despite what its critics say, the Obama administration has actually had not just one grand strategy so far but two. I don’t see that changing as well.


Obama inherited a financially dismal, war weary and unpopular America see figure 1 whose people were favouring isolationism Singh,p In this section, we briefly examine three key examples of strategic operations drawn from Trump’s first six months in office, all of which reveal a gap of varying magnitude between rhetoric and an operational strategy.

Like his predecessors, and probably his successors, Trump will of necessity pursue multiple strategic stratdgy. The exercises included mine hunting, air defence, anti-submarine warfare and beach landings. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

John Ikenberry and William C.

Does the Obama administration have a grand strategy? – Foreign Policy

It therefore assumes a process, from guiding principles and objectives to implementation. From grand to calibrated strategies. Similarly, the number of land-based border agents over that decade almost doubled, from 10, to 21, That point is illustrated by the fact that Trump has repeatedly, albeit unrealistically, tried to redefine Russia as a partner rather than a threat, as he did again at the G20 summit in July Despite Trump’s repeated efforts at rapprochement with Moscow and his meeting with Putin in Hamburg, Russia remains, by consensus, the primary threat to all NATO members—a view reinforced by Russia’s aggressive posturing across a broad swath of Eurasia from the Arctic to the Black Sea.

Sanger and William J.

Their selection yave highly context-dependent, but several are routinely employed: The problem of cohering around, and implementing, one strategy has become further complicated by the shifts in nature of the international system in the twenty-first century. In challenging the validity of that approach, we do not suggest that presidential leadership never matters in the formulation and implementation of foreign policy.


Oxford University Pressch.

How, by whom, and for what purpose this process is conducted are the contested elements in the debate. As Deroy Murdock reports:. And if he cannot, what are the consequences of that?

Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. The second, concerning NATO, is symptomatic of a liberal leadership strategy—where American military rotations and command and control have been sustained despite the evident divisions that have emerged between Trump and Europe’s major leaders.

These will be dependent, in large part, on context—the actors, threat and character of any conflict. This strategy has performed better but has been poorly articulated. The Alliance must harness renewed political will to confront and walk back aggressive Russian actions and other threats to the security of its members. Create a Foreign Policy account to access 3 articles per month and free newsletters developed by policy experts.

Meanwhile, primacy has recurred in the case of North Korea. Though Boot comments, this was not the only slow response by Obama.

Does Donald Trump have a grand strategy? | International Affairs | Oxford Academic

Together they ensure that implementing a grand strategy faces insurmountable obstacles. I have been very, very direct with Secretary Stoltenberg and members of the Alliance in saying that NATO members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations … This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States.

As Obamaa Young suggests:. But grand strategy debates themselves, regardless of the incumbent, are always fashionable.