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This relationship is depicted in Fig. Therefore, the quality of service as perceived by customers, and their evaluation, in order to seek continual improvement in a strategy of continuous quality improvement, is one of the priorities for organizations.

In the tiered support structure, these incidents are tier three and are good candidates for problem management.

Garden City, 59 7xocumentacion. An important element to ensure an adequate level of doumentacion satisfaction is the need to properly manage the required services inside business processes, where the management of technology services becomes an imperative in almost every company.

Service Desk is “the main contact point when users face a service interruption, when there is a request, or even when some changes are required. This management process can be efficiently developed by using the ITIL standard, which is one of the most widely used frameworks for this purpose.

ITIL V3 by Jurgen Ruiz on Prezi

This action serves several purposes. The formal structures take time to develop but results in better outcomes for docujentacion, support staff, and the business.

State of the art. What is ITIL incident management? In particular, it has been observed that the higher the level of progress and the adaptation of the technology to the needs of the client, the greater the efficiency perceived in distribution activities [17].


Journal of Management Documehtacion Systems, 15 4pp. Select the link below that best matches your interest.

A multiple-item scale for measuring consumer perceptions of service quality. Low-priority incidents are those that do not interrupt users or the business and can be worked around.

Service quality management based on the application of the ITIL standard | Gil-Gómez | DYNA

An investigation of service quality, service value, and satisfaction for American and Ecuadorian fast-food customers, Journal of International Marketing, 7 2pp His research interests include: BMC Discovery formerly ADDM automatically discovers data center inventory, configuration, and relationship data, and maps business applications to the IT infrastructure.

The service desk is the single point of contact for users to report incidents. Therefore, communication between customers and IT experts is a critical component of the quality of IT services. Business processes can be classified as: Adarme-Jaimesreceived the Bs. An incident interrupts normal service; a problem is a condition identified through a series of multiple incidents with the same symptoms. FootPrints service desk delivers a user-friendly suite of on-premises tools to automate IT services quickly and easily.

Authoritative source of reference for the IT components, systems, and services that make up your business and IT environments. The Service Desk provides a communication point with users, and a coordination point for several IT groups and processes” [38].

Accordingly, the use of ITIL standard as a reference frame for the management of any service type is proposed. Incident management also involves creating incident models, which allow support staff to efficiently resolve recurring issues. Low-priority tier-one incidents do not impact the business in any way and can be worked around by users.

Key Concepts and Principles.

Incident management is not expected to perform root cause analysis to identify why an incident occurred. IEE, New York,pp. IT services are increasingly complex, their regulatory levels are increased, there are frequent deviations in time or costs in their life cycle, there are continuous technological advances, etc. Thus, a suitable Service Desk, and a proper management of it, will manage the related processes more efficiently.


The KEDB identifies any problems or known errors that have caused incidents in the past and provides information about any workarounds documengacion have been identified. The assigned status means that an incident has been assigned to an individual service desk agent. In this sense, the quality of service and xocumentacion assessment are some of the priorities that organizations should consider in order to adapt their management, and respond effectively and efficiently to the demands of the market.

IT services must be managed properly since they bring a good number of benefits that improve businesses and provide higher levels of customer satisfaction, which leads to improved companies’ competitiveness. Requests for fulfillment are formal requests to provide something. A service desk is divided into tiers of support.


A resource-based view, Industrial Marketing Management, 35 4pp. When incidents are categorized, patterns emerge. Specifically, assuming the multidimensional nature of the construct, these authors propose that service quality can be estimated from five dimensions, identified as tangible elements, reliability, responsiveness, security and empathy.

This paper presents the ITIL standard, which is a framework that allows the delivery of technology services to be efficiently managed, in order to improve internal business processes and documentzcion other benefits such as better internal communication.