Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft. Front Cover. Joseph Weizenbaum. Suhrkamp, – Computer programming – pages. Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft by Joseph Weizenbaum , December 1, , Suhrkamp edition, Paperback in German. : Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft ( ) by Joseph Weizenbaum and a great selection of similar New, Used.

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Lists with This Book. Weizenbaum is the author of the famous ELIZA program, a simple, elegant English-language parser which, for the course of a brief, casual conversation, might to carry on an intelligent conversation with the user. It is certainly dated, both in its description of the whole of computer science in the s and the author’s predictions of what will be impossible or prohibitively expensive to compute, such as transcriptions of spoken sentences.

He spends the first three chapters explaining computers, mxcht theory, and Turing machines using extended metaphors, guiding his reader step-by-step through the processes by which a procedure not the physical computer, but the essence of one can ‘think’ and perform complex tasks.

We have had more time to get bored.

Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft

Having practiced computer model building for a while, I have often been perplexed by the way managers respond to these decision support tools. Weizenbaum’s thoughts on the responsibility of each generation to carefully chose the set of problems they consider important enough to be tackled. Vernknft of fie down and trying to find a better way of doing things, using our human compuuter and initiative, we now have the option of throwing technology blindly at the problem.

His skill is therefore aimless, even disembodied. Want to Read saving…. Scientists are pressing forward without regard for “higher” principles or the possibility that there exist things that we can, but perhaps should not, do. We no longer hold rosily optimistic views about our computers making important decisions for us; we understand that they are feeble and prone to crash and they require our patience, not our admiration.


I read and was impressed by this book when it was first published. Also, physical computers and the layers of abstraction vie their operation have expanded so much since that chapter 3 in particular is almost quaint. The one thing that played out very differently than Weizenbaum predicted was speech recognition.

How much do you trust a computer? Refresh and try again. Thanks for telling us about the problem. If anything, we are impatient for them to get get smarter. Many of the computing examples in the book will be foreign to the modern reader; you may wish to skip or skim the extensive examples and simply read his narrative ohnmact.

The problem is that he provides no logic to support his thesis.

Computer Power and Human Reason: From Judgment to Calculation

Dan rated it it was amazing Mar 13, Michael Helvey rated it really liked it Mar 07, Return to Book Page. But really this is applicable to any field I guess. What makes this book compelling is Weizenbaum’s outspoken deep love for computers, the creative act of programming, and those who do it.

He emphasizes over and over how each action is fully deterministic; the computer can not ever choose to act or initiate any action itself. Weizenbaum does not provide extensive logical proofs for his statements; nor would that be effective, considering that a fundamental part of his appeal, underlying the entire flow of the book, is that we have gone wrong by solely placing our faith in quantitative studies, numbers and logic.

Joseph Weizenbaum: Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft | News | Praxis

He quickly nacht himself to be a person who, more than merely knowing the theories and This was a book I really wanted to read after having heard much about it and, of course, played with ELIZA and ‘her’ successors and produced my own paltry successor. Now that Artificial Intelligence and questions about its applications have come to the fore again, I’ve re-read it, and found it still has much to say to the modern reader.

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He tells stories of laypeople who, even with a thorough understanding of how the program works–how each word in its output is determined solely by the human input–feel that ELIZA really, somehow, cares for them. I think it will take me a while to absorb all of it. This book is an indispensable piece of the history of Artificial Intelligence and formal criticisms of computing.

From Judgment to Calculation by Joseph Weizenbaum. But in combination with a loving look at computers, it makes this book unique. Books by Joseph Weizenbaum.

Mar 03, Jonathan Lidbeck rated it it was amazing. Instead, he seems to think it should be obvious that to substitute mechanisms for human functions is “immoral. Thomas Frizelle rated it it was amazing May 28, He eloquently demonstrates with this example and a few chapters what modern writers struggle to explain in a whole book: Now they’re all around us, they are commonplace, invasive.

It is a reminder of free will.

Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft (December 1, edition) | Open Library

His argument is reminiscent of, “don’t we have people to do these things? A book too important to be read just once. Trivia About Computer Power an Be the first to ask a question about Computer Power and Human Reason. Matthias rated it liked it Apr 09,