Hello, I need to despeckle a scan of a document consisting of black text and greyscale images. Basically I want to remove all isolated pixels, but without. Despeckle removes undesired noise—small dots or stray pixels—that may be introduced to the page during the scanning process. Images that have been. Hi folks – just came upon this board looking for some help, so here goes: I need to find a way to setup a batch process which will run the.

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The Descreen filter slows the scan time, and is not perfect, but it’s a very good answer for a serious problem. When you scanned the photo, did you turn on the dust removal feature? Software with best despeckle capabilities Different programs differ in their despeckle capabilities, and this determines the accuracy of the OCR results. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued scanne of the website is subject to these policies.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can also use the redaction tool to select all specks and then in a second despecke change them to white which hopefully matches your paper color.

Smaller page areas may be practical at dpi, but a full page color image will be MB. With the filter, it’s rather good, but not perfect. To try Maestro for yourself, download the free trial version and begin taking advantage of all of its advanced features. Paint Shop Pro 5. I do not find it necessary to do it this way, but it’s another idea. Use the absolute minimum to do the job. A trick i have done to get around this is if you can find very thin, and almost see through tissue paper and put it in front of the picture as you scan it, it will cause a haze or a overexposure on the type of tissue paper but it will remove any gloss and reflection from the scanner.

You can file an enhancement request on Adobe’s web site for such a feature: Despeclke Nuance can do it, surely Adobe could have done it in constructing Acrobat 12 using some non-patent violating workaround that enabled the Adobe customer, like me, to remove all disfiguring dots and speckles deepeckle the digital.


Not all paper documents are written in “portrait”, that is thinking of a sheet of A4 paper, with the natural orientation for reading such that the narrow part is the basis of the paper. You will find the scanner’s Descreen filter to be better easier and more effective than most other techniques.

Dewpeckle removable dulling spray doesn’t dry completely and will take some care to remove completely. After you clean up the. Some OCR tools have the capability to clean up images to make them easier to recognize. Here is what a chat scannned suggested as a way of removing random dots and speckles from scanned documents: Description Implementation More info Sometimes it happens that the acquired images present dirt consists of isolated points blacks, due to dust deposited on the sensors capture or even to electrostatic interference due to overheating of electronic components.

Acrobat is an application that does a lot of things and scanning is ddespeckle one of the many features it provides. I should be able to “edit” any speckle or random dot out of existence.

artifacts – How to remove white spots from a scanned picture? – Photography Stack Exchange

The english term used to identify this type of dirt is the word speckle, and the cleaning operation for the identification and removal of these points is defined despeckle. Different programs differ in their despeckle capabilities, and this determines the accuracy of the OCR results. My own opinion of the best general technique is to scan large at least dpi using the Descreen filter, then to resample to the smaller desired size.

PhotoImpact has Despeckle, Gaussian blur and Moire filters. Because Adobe Acrobat Standard DC has no eraser tool or efficient substitute, I am a very unhappy customer and will pass my complaint along to other attorneys or scaned look to them for resolution of the dot and speckle problem, if they have discovered one using Adobe Acrobat Standard DC.

Deepeckle Median filters edspeckle have a Radius parameter. I have a photo and I scanned it, but the scanned version introduced a lot of white spots on the image. How many years must go by before Adobe addresses this common problem in somewhat the same fashion as did Nuance with its Paperport product many years ago with its built in eraser tool? You can try to see if a combination of the available options will give you a despeckled image. Our rotation of the original just introduces yet another problem, and there is no one angle that will solve anything.


And after the resample, sharpening with a Unsharp Mask filter is especially needed. Dots and speckles are common and scanneed defects appearing on all digital copies of hard copies scanned to.

I am very disappointed. Downsampling by half then helps considerably, but the image will need resharpening. After you scan a document using Paperport’s scan function, you can save it to.

By the way, Nuance’s Paperport 14 has an eraser tool. I would have thought the tech guys at Adobe would have addressed the removal of these disfiguring items in Acrobat 12 so as to make the edited. Again, realize that you must judge the image on the monitor only when viewed at Full Actual size.

I scanner downloaded DC. You do not want to sharpen until after the pattern is removed, that would aggravate the problem. Microtek and Umax provide excellent descreen filters.

Paper documents scanned to.

Using “Optimize Scanned PDF” to batch deskew/despeckle

The Descreen filter does something very similar, and is easier to use, but manual methods offer more control. It is not the scanner’s fault, I think it’s Isaac Newton’s fault!

Yes, Acrobat could have a pixel level editing tool, but by using Photoshop, I can usually get what I want with an application that is actually designed to do this kind scahned stuff.

Remember that a camera is a portable scanner behind a lens without the light source. I don’t speak for Adobe – I am a user of Adobe’s PDF technology – but based on the Acrobat history, I doubt that you will ever see a pixel level editor or an “erase tool” as you call it in Acrobat. This is one-way for your print. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.