Manuals and User Guides for Resol DeltaSol BS/3. We have 2 Resol DeltaSol BS/3 manuals available for free PDF download: Mounting Connection Application. RESOL DeltaSol® BS / 3 – full kit incl. 3 Temperature sensors Pt (1 x FKP6, 2 x FRP6). • Version 1 standard relay,1 standard relay. The BS3 will do the job – but be aware that it is mains powered and therefore is not able to cope with low voltage controlled pump from a PV.

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Chimney sweeper function for the heating circuit:.

April 17, I can revoke the deltxsol at any time by sending an e-mail to info resol. The FAQ on this forum for controllers has helped. Powered by SMF 1.

Twin pump for solar circuit:. SP10 Overvoltage protection Sensor-overvoltage protection.

However, I think the greater issue for deltaol is going to be overheating of the primary circuit in the summer.

Speed control of HE pumps:. Ivan has already commented in several threads re the lack of reliability of LV pumps in solar installations Heating circuit return preheating:. Antifreeze function for solar circuit:.


The system selected is shown on the display, the status of the individual components deeltasol indicated by means of flashing codes. Hi Contadino Sorry just noticed your diagram Moisture-proof housing without controller. Mixer control with target temperature:.

Solar Controller – Resol DeltaSol Al

My data will be exclusively used for this purpose. Amaterasu Hero Member Offline Posts: I picked up the basic diagram from the CAT tipsheet ‘Capturing the Sun’, but I’ll adjust the order of things accordingly.

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to design my solar hot water system for ages and I think I’m nearly there now. I have no loft to put a radiator in, so was thinking of using a diverter valve to let hot water from the tank flow back into our underground cisternlitres. I’m not employed by Navitron so responses may not be same-day. Cooling functions and cooling mode:.

Solar Controller – Resol DeltaSol Al | eBay

Thanks everyone for all your help. It would be an Arr 1 setup, right? The relay supplies are internally connected to the Live supply terminal and so they cannot be used as independent ‘voltage-free’ contacts. DeltaSol BS3 – Will this work? April 18, The controller itself draws very little current, and a normal DHW pump about 40W continuous.


I appreciate that this can lead to the collector effectively deeltasol down the water in the tank, but that wouldn’t be a major problem as I live in a hot part of the world and we’re a pragmatic household – we would just have our shower later in the day. Therefore I’m inclined to include a controller into the equation.

Resol DeltaSol BS/3 Manuals

Renewable Energy and Sustainability Forum. UK’s most popular Renewable Energy Forum. Store loading in layers:. So then I suppose the next question would be ‘What controller could be used with a low voltage circulation pump?

They will not be forwarded to third parties. Is this heat dump the same thing as ‘heat quantity measurement’? Heating circuit antifreeze function:.