Sheikh Ahmed Deedat held a firm belief in open and sincere In , he debated Jimmy Swaggart and even challenged the late Pope John. Free Islamic debate mp3 by sheikh ahmed deedat. Ahmad Deedat محاضرات ومناظرات الشيخ احمد ديدات رحمة الله عليه مترجم. This App brings you audio debate.

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Journal of Religion in Africa33 3. But now, they rejected Deedat and united with other South African Muslim organisations in denouncing his attacks on other religions. He wrote and lectured in English.

Sign up for our Newsletter. Did Anis Shorrosh win the debate against Sheikh Deedat?

Why do I say so? Ghana gas station blasts kill at least seven. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat He was like well Muhammad pbuh copied from Nestorian Christians, he copied from this and he copied from that. Khalid Bin Waleen RA did this and did that. These were the replies that he was giving. From the above reasons, we can conclude that the winner of the debate was undoubtedly Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and not Anis Shorrosh.

Retrieved 12 January Rather his entire effort is directed at undermining and refuting Christian evangelism and arming Muslims against Christian attacks.

Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat | Islam | Al Jazeera

He likens the elder Deedat to Mandela for his firm belief in open and sincere dialogue. In many of the swaggarrt, the victorious person is extremely obvious e. Messenger of Peace”, was delivered in to an audience of fifteen people at a Durban cinema named Avalon Cinema.


Shorrosh shot himself into the foot when he let Deedat speak first for 75 minutes Which is unusual for a debate, its usually minutes.

I do not know why he came to Australia or why he adopted such a confrontationist approach on Good Friday at a big public meeting at Sydney Town Hall when he disparaged the Christian faith. Then he went on to say well Muslims do this and that. Several monthly editions of the Muslim Digest of South Africa July, August, September, October in were almost entirely devoted to criticising Deedat’s stance and “his various dangerous activities”.

Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

Ahmed Deedat debated with Palestinian Anis Shorrosh several times. Retrieved 23 December Do you call ewaggart sound evidence? Islam and Christianity were initially printed in April ; [36] this book was very popular in the s, available for free at many missionary outlets across North America. What has it do with the Quran?

Ahmed Deedat vs Jimmy Swaggart 21 of 23 – Is the bible God’s word

Missionary Orator Public Speaker Writer. While I condemn such attacks, I also condemn attacks against Christians by Muslims who come to Australia to sow the seed swaggqrt religious hatred.

In his last tour to Australia, the publicity resulting from the presence of Deedat caused Franca Arenamember of the Legislative Council of the government of New South Wales to comment in her speech concerning racism:. Bible says this and Quran says that, so Bible is right and Quran is wrong.

The Arabic Bible was available to him as well as the Arabic Quran. Retrieved on 18 March Archived from the original on 14 February Deedxt the early s Ahmed Deedat’s work was beginning to be known outside his native South Africa. I am all for freedom of speech, but our leaders should deeeat some understanding and, above all, respect for the views and beliefs of others.


Deedat’s first lecture, entitled “Muhammad: But while Sheikh Deedat was most famous for his sharp and impassioned debating ddedat, he was also a prolific writer. Archived from the original on 25 February That further proves that Shorrosh was the loser and Sheikh Deedat won the debate.

Five years on, we revisit this story. Problems arose after the publication of From Hinduism to Islama critique of Hindu beliefs and practices. Later, a second paperback volume entitled The Choice: Hilarious points by Shorrosh to attack the credibility of the Quran.

Did Anish Shorrosh win the debate against Sheikh Deedat

His fame is thus based not on the mastery of Islamic sciences but on his thoroughgoing knowledge of the Bible. He said that Rushdie “is a hypocrite and has blasphemed holy sv. Deedat even called for Muslims to revisit their faith, and saw Christian challenges to Islam on the content of the Quran as a way of strengthening the religion to which he devoted his life.

And that is the legacy of [Ahmed] Deedat. To further refine his thinking and arguments, Deedat immersed himself in studying and memorising the Bible, as well as the Quran.