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The use of images and emblems of a sacred character to typify divine power and energy is universal. Was it not ordained from the beginning, according to the ordinances 38 of the gods and likewise intelligently? Aegypfiorum do not corrupting influence and the disproportionateness come through the deviation of the recipients, which is productive of inharmoniousness, pertaining to the realm of matter and impressionable?

The Assyrians and Chaldaeans enumerated nine distinct orders — three Triads of three classes each. The prophets were superior to the Scribes. Aristotle first adopted the term. Subjects Occultism — Early works to Everything, whatever it may be, and of whatever quality, that is united, that is firmly established in itself by unalterable law and is a cause among the indivisible essences — that is immovable, and so is to be considered as the cause of dw motion — that is superior to all things and has nothing whatever in common with them — that is to be generally considered as wholly unmingled and separate, not only in being but in power and energy — every such thing should be ascribed to the gods as being worthy of them.

The Gods and their peculiarities In the first place, therefore, it is to be taken for granted that there are gods. King Asa of Judea is said to have deposed his mother, Maacha, from royal dignity for her participation — “because she made a phallos to an Ashera,” I Kings XV: In astrology a “house” is a twelfth part of the sky as marked out for the purpose of horoscopes.

These online bookshops told us they have this item: Still, the treatise certainly originated from his school, and in its systematic attempt to give a speculative justification of the polytheistic cult practices of the day, it marks a turning-point in the history of thought where Iamblichus stood.

I have, moreover, the same thing to say to thee in regard to the Superior races which come next in order after the gods.

Description Ficino, De mysteriis Aegyptiorum. It is incorporeal, and hence the passions and susceptibilities of the body do not penetrate into its substance, but only into its powers and energies. Some which are badly jumbled together require to be taken apart; while others have relation to the Divine Cause through which everything exists, and so are readily apprehended.

Element designated the Eleusinic “drama. For the perceiving of them is absolutely distinct from everything of antithetic character. For it is always necessary to bear in mind respecting these subordinate races that they have one defined form of essence; also that we put aside from our conception of them the indefiniteness and instability which are incident to the human constitution and renounce the tendency to incline to the other side which arises from attempts to counterbalance the opposition of the arguments.

They bind everything, I know not how, in the indissoluble bonds of necessity, which they term Fate, or allotment; and they also connect everything with those gods whom they worship in temples and with carved images and other objects, as being the only unbinders of Fate.


For though as being incorporeal, intelligent and united, they ride upon the celestial spheres, they have their origins in the realm of mind, 33 and comprehending their essential being as divine, they govern the whole sky by one infinite energy, and although present in the sky as existing separately, they conduct the perpetual revolutions by their solitary wills, and are themselves unmingled with sensation and coexist with the god of the realm of Mind.

Mysteries, Religious — Early works to Not being in any way present with the bodies as a matter of place, how is it to be separated by places after the corporeal manner? Who, then, may admit in respect to the races superior to the soul that they are to be distinguished by the peculiarities of active and passive motions?

De mysteriis Aegyptiorum liber

On my part, I do not think it necessary to pray to any others. For as the energies and motions made aegypfiorum the actual substance of the essence, they would themselves likewise be dominant in regard to their difference.

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De mysteriis Aegyptiorum liber – Iamblichus (Chalcidensis.) – Google Books

The realm of generated existence being of many kinds and constituted of things diverse in character, contends against the oneness and indivisible essence of the gods with its own contrary and factious nature, discordantly and factiously. Nevertheless, they by no means follow the matter closely, or at least they do not attend to it as closely as when in their ordinary condition.

So much, therefore, we have subjoined in regard to this solution of the problem, and we think that from the former and the present arguments the matter will become better known. If, however, thou wouldst propose some philosophic question, we will determine it for thee according to the ancient Tablets of Hermes 6which Plato and Pythagoras, having studied thoroughly beforehand, combined together in Philosophy.

Hence, from considerations of such a nature, it is demonstrated that neither the gods of the planets in the sky themselves, nor their gifts, bring evil. Still further, the light that is the object of perception is one, continuous, and everywhere the same entirety; so that it is not possible for a part of it to be cut off by itself, or to be enclosed in a circle, or at any time to remove itself from the source of illumination.

From the same causes, order itself and beauty itself are coexistent with the Superior races; or if it is desired so to express it, the First cause is coexistent with these.

Comments and reviews What are comments? I think, however, that the immodest language to which you refer, affords an illustration of the absence of moral virtues 5 in the realm of matter, and the unseemly rudeness existing beforehand with the unformed elements that are to be organized. They are held here in connection with those models in one stable union, and the divine spiritual forms, which are present with the visible bodies of the gods, exist separately before them, but their noetic models unmingled and super-celestial remain permanently by themselves, all as one in their everlasting exaltation.

He is unchanged in his own person and individuality, but the image exhibits great perturbation. Hence the supervising of the bodies brings no specific lessening of rank to those to whom the body is subject; it is encompassed by the superior essence, and is turned back to it, and is no obstacle to it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For each of these intermediate races is next to one of the extreme races beyond — one to the first and the other to the last.


So far, however, as they may be actually known through words, none of these matters will be left without a perfect demonstration, and in reference to everything we shall give thee carefully the proper explanation. Being superior to the realm of nature, and living the unbegotten life, what does it want of the generated life with sensual pleasure and of the restoration thereby into the realm of nature?

In short, this light is one and the same everywhere, and is not only present, undivided, with all things that are capable of participating of it, but it, likewise, by an absolute power and by an infinite superiority, fills all things, as a cause, joins them together in itself, unites them everywhere with itself, and combines the ends with the beginnings.

You must also include a United States public domain tag to indicate why this work is in the public domain in the United States. Damaskios remarks that “where there is not otherness, there will be no knowing.

Though possessing in a less degree than they the everlasting condition of similar life and energy, nevertheless, through the good will of the gods and the luminance imparted by their light, it often goes higher and is exalted to a higher rank, even to that of angels.

On the other hand, it is on this account, because they are entirely exempt from the inconsistency of being either passive or not passive, because they are in no way susceptible to impression, and because they are unchangeably fixed in regard to essence, that I set them down in all these respects as impassive and unchangeable. For it is plain that if they denote the condition of the Sun, as in eclipses, they would be seen by every one who looked toward it intently.

Moreover, the conversion of the secondary to the superior spiritual beings and the bestowing of the same essence and power from the primary to the secondary gods, holds their association indissoluble in one.

The agurtes or begging priest generally belonged to the worship of Rhea or Cybele, the Mother. The Rite both copies the order of the gods, both that of the gods of the world of Mind and that of the gods in the sky, and contains the eternal metres of things that are, and wonderful spectacles which were sent down from the Creator Demiurgus and Father of All, by which also the things of Silence are represented by arcane symbols, the things without form are held firmly in forms, the things which are superior to any likeness are represented unshapen, and everything is accomplished by a sole Divine Cause, which is so far remote from passive conditions that no reasoning faculty can reach to it.