The first ever English translation of the novel The. With Thom Hoffman, Rijk de Gooyer, Viviane de Muynck, Pierre Bokma. De avonden Poster Gerard Reve (novel), Rudolf van den Berg | 1 more credit». The latest addition to my website is Gerard Reve’s De avonden [The Evenings]. This book was voted top in a poll by De Amsterdamse.

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De Avonden Review: A Dutch Literary Classic by Gerard Reve – DutchReview

Don’t see too many of those around. Was this review helpful qvonden you? With its themes of isolation, frustration and need for communication, it is a book with which many people will no doubt feel a connection.

Rutger Volgens mij wou Frits zijn ouders vertellen dat hij homo was? That is worst of it all. Those are the cases in which one must go away from somewhere. Search for ” De avonden ” on Amazon.

This is just two years on from the Hongerwinter that led to 20, people starving in the occupied parts of the Netherlands. Certainly it is slow-paced and bleak; and it is repetitious too, with almost all of Frits’ conversations and activities being essentially the same. Once I have taken them out, I put them back avoden again. How long can he get out of the small apartment — if he walks slower, takes another route, can he avoid getting home early?

Io credo che si sarebbe potuto benissimo tagliare di due terzi abbondanti e ne avrebbe solo guadagnato. There’s no stopping avondej now. Visiting a friend Joosje, on the occasion of her son’s first birthday, he tries but fails to stop the child crying and, then: Zoeken naar Rev Presumably it’s meant to convey the zeitgeist of the postwar Europe, but it barely managed that. Er stond een fles met donkerrode vloeistof. What was I thinking?


De avonden. Een winterverhaal

Start your free trial. Racconta aneddoti assurdi, non ha peli sulla lingua, prende per il culo la gente con invidiabile nonchalance.

The novel was translated into English only inby Sam Garrett. In the Netherlands it has long been considered a post-war literary classic. Per offrire una prospettiva bisogna in primo luogo vederne una, e poi: Whatever ordeals are yet to come, I am alive. Artikel over onder andere dit boek: For example, the second or third time Rdve highlights the impending baldness of one of his avonde one might legitimately furrow one’s brow, yet you come to look forward to it, to gleefully anticipate it, the next time he runs into one of them.

Op de hals zat een oranje capsule. It is well known in the Netherlands for its sardonic humour. Tim Parks, The Guardian. The story is relatively straightforward.

Briefly, The Evenings is a meandering shopping list of the mundane, blandly verbalised by some chap called Fritz who appears to have no discernible purpose than recount the uneventfulness of his winter evenings. Having read the novel, I understand why it has been listed in the 10 favourite Dutch novels of xvonden time.


There are any number of passages that one could pick out from the text as illustration, but one that has stuck in my mind is the discussion about the pickled herring, the stale pickled herring, that Frits’ mother is intent on serving to her family, but which they are none too keen on.

A bit too ’47 for my tastes, but certainly worth an afternoon of your reading pleasure. I’m not sure I even care.

Or quote anything accurately, no matter what the source? Time is empty, days are long and one must do what one can to indulge the self.

Gerard Reve: De avonden [The Evenings]

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Frits a veces sale por la noche: I know others love this, but not me. In de lage landen trapte dit boek de naoorlogse literatuur op gang met een geeuw van verveling en origineel taalgebruik. So now they know definitely what they lost he thinks but some moments after he is again confronted with the furniture of the living-room which has another sight by the frog-perspective of the camera.

Definitely the funniest comic in the Netherlands. How arrogant to presume that you could teach in addition to avondsn. Frits looked at the clock.