“The Hurried Child,” by David Elkind’s, expresses the different ways that children are forced to grow up too quickly in society. Elkind states that. With the first edition of The Hurried Child, David Elkind emerged as the voice of parenting reason, calling our attention to the crippling effects of. Examines the pressures–from peers, parents, school, and society–imposed on today’s children and offers advice on how to cope with the problems brought on.

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Children need to be children and this book should be a must read for all parents and school districts. Apr 24, Lacey rated it liked it.

How to safeguard your kids from child porn. This is how your health horoscope will look like in January Another reason for my disappointment in Thhe Hurried Child was that it didn’t focus on the types of topics I thought it would.

In sum adults should respect their developmental stage, which seems to me rather obvious, but Elkind was able to tease out this mistake in detail and explain the subtle but no less damaging impact on children who are hurried. Rife with sublimated sexism; ignores issues of race, class, and culture; ageist; severe backlash against gifted acceleration programs; condones censorship; completely ignores issues of asynchronous development.

Ring in this New Year with these 9 new dating rules. One point I agreed with was that children characters on TV are often unrealistic, which is why I think they are so often off screen.

David Elkind: The hurried child syndrome! – Times of India

To view it, click here. In other places, it was unclear if I was reading a section that had been revised for the new edition published in or something originally drafted in I expected to agree with most of Elkind’s thoughts on lapware, which was one of the reasons I was interested in this book in the first place. Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone! I didn’t think I would enjoy it but once I opened the cover, it was hard to stop.


For example, when he discusses lengthening the school day and year, cutting recess, and increasing homework as current education trends to combat our poor standing internationally, it is unclear if these are trends from or years before. However, I don’t think this is one I would turn to or recommend as a favorite. Yet another book on parenting I expected to largely agree with, so in a way this was preaching to the parenting choir.

Effective ways to make your child physically active. Is he talking 5 year olds or 15 year olds? One of my biggest problems with The Hurried Child was that it didn’t seem fully revised.

Over scheduling and the pressure to do better than everyone else are just some of the topics discussed.

It’s time to gear up for your pet’s winter care. Seriously, that isn’t the media; that’s poor parenting. Meanwhile, most of Elkind’s points about inappropriate hcild, be it TV, print, movies, or music, really came down to parents monitoring what their children watch.

Again, I dislike the hiding of the truth about sex from young people, especailly how this comment hints huried it is better if we pretend sex is wrong, sinful, and dirty. Furthermore, Elkind block quotes long sections of text from other authors frequently. Here are some other examples of dated material still in the edition: Refresh and try again. Common terms and e,kind academic achievement activity adaptation adolescents adults attain B. Instead of discussing the trouble the average hurried child might encounter, he spends time on these extreme examples.

Overall, parents have a contract with children and when we hurry them we chlld that contract and the underlying bond of trust. He actually says this is why kids favor stories that “put adults in a derogatory or stupid role,” which explains all those Nickelodeon shows my brother and sister-in-law hate.


I realize that we are human and we will all make mistakes but I would like to do everything in my power to avoid as much mistakes as possible. I felt discussing hurrying in these terms was like scare tactics. This is where most children learn to read so I took that part seriously. Smoking can affect breastfeeding habits: Every parent or will be parent should read this.

Here are 5 dog-friendly parks in India. True, I life in Maine, where the city isn’t the quite the same, but I know of five parks all within ten minutes driving distance.

World’s richest people belong to THIS zodiac sign! I’d like to eliknd my readings on this topic. How can one prevent raising a hurried child? Dec 30, Diane rated it it was amazing. Every parent or will be parent should read this. I focused on my area of future expertise which is Kindergartners. Sadly, davif people who should most read this book probably won’t, and those who are already doing a pretty decent job probably will.

I appreciated the celebration of childhood Elkind shared.

A child needs to be in formal operation period to understand grammar, algebra, metaphor and meta-cognition. This book was first written in with several revised editions since.

The Hurried Child: Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon

Discussing that a larger number of children are kidnapped by noncustodial parent and gives a detailed example in section on free floating anxiety caused by separation. He is associated with the belief of decline of social markers.

I agree with letting kids be kids, the main premise of the book.

Insightful, and the trend has not reversed.