The Craft of the cocktail is possibly the best cocktail book ever written by probably the worlds greatest living book is a must for all professional. The Craft of the Cocktail has ratings and 20 reviews. Alex said: DeGroff is a well-respected cocktailian, but IMO, this book has aged poorly. Publish. The first real cookbook for cocktails, featuring recipes from the wolrd’s premier mixologist, Dale DeGroff. Covering the entire breadth of this.

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And then the meat of the matter: Jul 10, Walt Falconer rated it it was amazing. While these days you can barely make it a few blocks without stumbling on a cocktail bar touting from-scratch bitters adle hand-chipped ice, Dale DeGroff remembers a time when apathetic bartenders presided over soda guns and packages of sour mix. On the hill across the street, Red Buttons. It was the perfect drink for summertime. Then on to stocking the essential bar, choosing the right tools and ingredients, mastering key techniques—hints worthy of a pro, the same information that Dale shares with the bartenders he trains in seminars and through his videos.

And I think those guys… The market will take care of it. Dale is the master — he serves up a good selection of modern and historic cocktails.

Although in the ensuing years, when it comes to that particular drink, I’ve developed a slight preference for the simpler perfection of the classic just rye, Peychaud’s Bitters, simple syrup, Herbsaint Sazerac, I still enjoy the plot twists in the story told by DeGroff’s fancified half-and-half rye and cognac for the liquor, and half-and-half Peychaud’s and regular old Angostura handling the bitters requirement version, and I follow his glass-preparation instructions whichever version I make.


And I gotta tell ya, hotel jobs are the coolest jobs. And it still goes on a little bit. Alice Marie rated it liked it Jan 07, He wrote that cocktails are as American as baseball, and represent a composite beverage just as Americans a If you want a cocktail reference book with quite a lot of classic cocktail recipes, then this book is very good. Anyway, fabulous read that I couldn’t recommend more for those interested in the art of cocktails.

That was reinforced when another guy asked for a fresh margarita and I handed him one with sour mix. When you got DeGroff into the realm of the bitters-tinged cocktail, his subtly aromatic, complex, and a little bit dark and twisted drinks were a treat for the nose and tongue, even a from amazon. So the day shift [at the Hotel Bel-Air] was interesting; nobody showed up until right before my shift ended, and then all of the tips went to the nighttime bartenders.

So, you know, it started out kind of clumsy, the whole culinary revolution. Stay in Touch Sign up. Please try again later.

As regulars came in, we said we were making special cherry caipirinhas. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Die perfekte Vorbereitung, die perfekte Zubereitung, der perfekte Xraft. Tags Lists, Interviews, My Career, cocktails. If you get a single drink book to learn about making cocktails, this is the one.

Jul 29, Catherine Woodman rated it it was amazing. At the Rainbow Room, it was popular and ambrosial. Some things that I learned: Does anybody remember nouvelle and California cuisine?


As a service bartender, naturally I had to make many Irish coffees that cpcktail. Bob rated it really liked it Nov 12, As a tribute to the classic champagne cocktail, I made the Ritz—not in a flute, but a martini glass—with cognac, Cointreau, maraschino liqueur, and fresh lemon juice, and I shocked it with champagne on top and a flamed orange peel. HardcoverFirst Editionpages.

Bartender Dale DeGroff Fathered the Modern Craft-Cocktail Renaissance – Robb Report

Otherwise, one of the best cocktail books on the market. Dale DeGroff The pioneering barkeep takes us on a journey through the early days of the craft-cocktail renaissance. I walked into the bar; this big red-faced Irishman was behind the bar, named James Kitchens. If you have any interest in making awesome cocktails at all, read this book.

The Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master Bartender, with 500 Recipes

I was never thrilled with the mint julep and thought it was boring. The author is a cousin of my wife Scott Fitzgerald drank gin. Jun 19, Wayne rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Best dalle book I’ve seen–great photos, good recipes.

A few years ago I got a call from Jackson Cannon, who runs the bar at Eastern Standard in Boston, to come up for the party celebrating their 21,th Whiskey Smash served.