AMPS, 60 VOLTS. DPAK CASE. DESCRIPTION: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR. CSHDC is a Silicon Schottky Rectifier designed for surface mount. CSHDC Schottky Rectifier Dual, Common Cathode Amps, 60v CSHD6- 60C SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER DUAL, COMMON CATHODE AMPS, 60 VOLTS . CSHDC datasheet, CSHDC circuit, CSHDC data sheet: CENTRAL – SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER DUAL,COMMON CATHODE AMPS, 60 VOLTS.

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See pages 50,51 and See page for Ultrafast and page for Schottky. We define Excellence as surpassing cshd660 customers’ expectations. SE Exact mechanical equivalent, slight electrical differences.

Cshd6 60 c# pdf

Marking Code is C4A. The Central Semiconductor 1. These devices are manufactured in the cost effective SOD double plug case which provides many benefits to the user including space savings and improved thermal characteritcs.


OA Per Diode 1.


Central set up a special line to plate gold in the die attach area to meet the customer’s requirements. Available in, and volt configurations. All dimensions in inches mm.

Visit the central Semiconductor Corp. Marking Code is C1U.

GT nA Vqt 0. Operating at 60 Volts, this device is perfect for modem and driver applications requiring high voltage and high gain. Marking code is AAD. Manufactured in a supermini surface mount package, designed for applications ccshd6-60 a low operating current, low leakage, a i knee and tight real estate situations. SE Exact mechanical equivalent, slight electncal differences.

Improved technology now allows us to raise the maximum voltage offered from 60 Volts to Volts. The biggest collection of movie, music and game torrents on TorrentsLand.

Resistividad La resistividad elctrica de los materiales. For Uni-directional devices, please refer to the 1 SMB5. Marking Code is C2F.

Marking code is L Research full Central Semiconductor product data, download datasheets and buy your Central Semiconductor electronic components and parts now with Electronics Datasheets. The most critical of these is substrate material. Marking code is C2J. The space previously required for 1. These devices are available in a wide variety of packages. Used by Pitkethly and others to investigate the chemisorption of benzene.


Odyssey Electronics | Electronic Component SuperStore [ CSG to CSM ]

Marking code is C3E. History of Portable Document Format. Marking Code is FG. T he industry’s standard lead frames for Small Signal Transistors utilize silver plating in the die attach area.

Printed on recycled paper using Soya Ink.