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In practice, these documents propose to use an energy release or separation of pressure type. As shown in the circle denoted E, the receptacle has an internal inwardly projecting collar 21 through which the rear end 20 and against which an elastic member 22, here a spiral spring, is supported axially.

In order to overcome the geometrical errors of centering the object by the pin 33 and the inevitable eccentricity in practice the center of gravity G of the object relative to its axis XX, it appeared advantageous to provide as much as possible automatic reconciliation of the point of application of thrust to the center of gravity of the object. On peut ainsi citer notamment les documents US This pin must of course be spaced radially by any appropriate known means, prior to the ejection of the object A.

Il n’est pas besoin de forte dose: As is also apparent from Figures 11 and 12, through the wall of the sleeve 24 penetrates further comprises a lug 28 for guiding in rotation penetrating in an approximately longitudinal groove 29, either straight or helical, provided in the piston with an angle tilt nonzero y with respect to the longitudinal axis XX of the ejector pin see Figure Device for the temporal mechanical assembly and for its fast separation of an ejecting object attached to a support.

DE Free format text: Close to the center of gravity is provided at the bottom of the housing, an area 5A or 5’A generally transverse against which the free end of the ejector rod rests. Mechanism according to any one of claims 2 to 6 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same thickness measured transversely to said respective diameters and the same height measured parallel to said predetermined direction.

For guidance to be effective, it must be able to resume any time due to the eccentricity of the thrust axis before the object tilting movement is too important.

The frangible connection is thus calibrated to rupture in tension between the thread 30 and the intermediate ring The receptacle 11 is intended to be fixed to the support B, by any suitable means, for example a flange 16 shown schematically in Ter,inale 3 and 4 provided with holes 17 adapted for the passage of fixing bolts.


Mechanism according to claim 16 characterised in that the washer is an O-ring, the bearing area 52′ at the bottom of the recess being frustoconical. It is possible to quantify the transverse disturbances linear speed and rotation according to the guidance. Figure 14A represents a contrario what would happen in the absence of such a flexible washer.

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Vraiment en tant que Belge, je n’ose me prononcer The locking function is to carry out the assembly and the mechanical strength of the object relative to its support even in harsh environments vibrations including but sometimes empty space This has benefits increased centering precision and a reduction in parasitic transverse speed rotation due to manufacturing tolerances and assembly clearances. This variant has the same advantages as a flexible seal, but also permits a rotating of the object by friction: Mechanism according to any one of claims 2 to 4 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have dimensions such that they have the same behaviour in bending for equal transverse displacements of the free end of the braycentre rod in perpendicular radial directions.

C’est comme une indigestion. B1 Designated state s: Preferably these tabs have trapezoidal sections with sides which are coplanar with the sides of the other tongues, respectively, as is represented by the triangle without top shown in phantom.

On peut se demander aussi, effectivement, s’il s’agit d’un chat, d’un lapin ou d’un renard. Also known FR-A-2, corresponding to EP-A which is a mechanism for controlling the distance of a part termimale respect to its support with which it is initially in contact, by mastering perfectly speed and the ejection acceleration.

La nuit du jeudi, nous partions vers 22h remplacer les panneaux et nous rentrions vers 4 heures du matin. It should be noted that after failure of the bond to break, its upper portion corresponding to the threaded portion remains attached to the object this mass is small in practice.

Teminale ce n’est pas des sucettes, c’est un poison violent.

At the base of the receptacle is provided a channel 18 communicating with one of any appropriate known type pressure chamber provided in practice of a pyrotechnic type igniter for combustion of a pyrotechnic material.

Taken together the various abovementioned documents are not concerned with the subsequent movement of the object. In the wall of the liner 24 cohrs penetrates a safety pin 27 see figure 3 intended, when in place and extends radially into a transverse bore not shown of the shaft 12, to prevent any unnecessary movement of this rod. To achieve the aforementioned result, the invention teaches to forward thrust closest to the object’s center of gravity to eject through cousr push pin in practice longer than the known ejection pistons.

This mechanism 10 z from the mechanism 10 in that the resilient member 22′ interposed axially between an annular bearing surface 21 ‘of the liner 24’ and the base of the stem 12 ‘is constituted by a Belleville washer. C’est “Qui est Oreste?


Mechanism according to claim 3 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same tensile strength and the tangs 41, 42 joining the intermediate ring to the front annular end area have a lower tensile strength than the tangs joining the intermediate ring to the body of the receptacle. Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 18 characterised in that the recess 4, 4′, 14 lies along a longitudinal axis of geometrical symmetry of the object.

Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 11 characterised in that the front annular end portion 24A of the receptacle comprises an externally screwthreaded portion 30 cooperating with an internal screwthread 31 at the mouth of the recess in the object. The main consequences are: Figures 19 and 20 show a simplified version of frangible connection zone, valid for cases where there is no need for flexibility.

Si,si, elle se pose! Mechanism according to claim 2 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same tensile strength and the tangs 41, 42 of one pair have a lower tensile strength than the tangs 43, 44 of the other pair. Bonjour, comment allez vous? If, against, as is the case in Figure 1, the centering of the base of the object A disappears at the beginning of movement of the ejection rod, it is at most a transverse displacement without rotation of the latter.

This frangible zone is designed to ensure solely the longitudinal holding of the object A relative to its support, the stiffness of the ejector rod 12 is sufficient to maintain the object in the case of transverse forces. Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. If the perpendicularity of the thrust axis and the bearing face of the stop on the subject at the stroke end is not rigorous, there is the end of travel tilting of the ejector piston which transforms a part of its longitudinal kinetic energy into energy of transverse rotation.

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Technological solutions to minimize the offset to lead to satisfactory test results. L’alcool est tout simplement naturel: Je viens de lire un truc sympa: Ma question est la suivante: The exterior of the ejected object termminale not undergo aggression during ejection. Qu’est-ce qu’une bulle lignaire? At its upper part, the sleeve 24 ends with a narrowed portion 24A is completed by an external thread 30 designed to cooperate with an internal thread 31 provided at the base of the housing