For a description of the parity error scheme and parity error signals, refer to the Cortex*-A9 Technical Reference Manual, available on the ARM* website. ARM CORTEX A9 MPCORE TECHNICAL REFERENCE MANUAL ULENHBXHSZ ULENHBXHSZ | PDF | 95 Pages | ARM CORTEX A9. f For further information about Cortex-A9 MPCore configurable options, refer to the. Introduction chapter of the Cortex-A9 MPCore Technical Reference Manual, .

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This feature works only if the L2C is present in the design.

Also used for terms in descriptive lists, where appropriate. On a parity error interrupt, you can reset the system or perform further actions depending on the indication of the interrupt signals.

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Purpose Specifies the state of the Cortex-A9 processors with reference to power modes Usage constraints This register is writable in Secure state if the relevant bit in the SAC register is set. You must not assume any timing information that is not explicit in the diagrams. Is a write-only register that always reads as zero. Related Information L2 Cache. An integrated Interrupt Controller that is an implementation of the Generic Interrupt Controller architecture.


Referenve constraints This register is read-only. See the following documents for other relevant information: Chapter 4 Global timer, private timers, and watchdog registers Read this for a description of the Cortex-A9 MPCore timer and watchdog registers. Cortexx-a9 burst configurations have significantly lower performance.

The primary goal is to maximize overall memory performance and minimize power consumption. The global timer has the following features: When only one master port is present these registers are not implemented. The cache control is done globally by the More information. Denotes arguments to monospace mpcode where the argument is to be replaced by a specific value.

An explanation with as much information as you can provide. Application Note More information.

Release Information The following changes have been made to this book. Arria 10 SX Device Errata. Build configuration The implementer chooses the options that affect how the RTL source files are pre-processed. technicql

It does not duplicate information from these sources ARM architecture The Cortex-A9 processor implements the ARMv7-A architecture profile that includes the following architecture extensions: The SCU functions are to: Introduction to Multiprocessors Part I Prof. A shared access occurs when two masters access the same memory space.


There is one interval referecne and one watchdog timer for each processor. ACP master write with coherent data in the L1 cache: To be kept coherent, the memory must be marked as Write-Back, Shareable, Normal memory.

Main Processor – Vita Development Wiki

Attributes See the register summary in SCU registers summary on page The product revision or version. Software configuration The programmer configures the Cortex-A9 MPCore processor by programming particular values into registers.

Cirtex-a9 contains the following sections: For MCUs, often a single design team integrates the processor before synthesizing the complete design. Accesses outside of this filter range are routed to the system interconnect. Writes have no effect and reads return a value 0x0 for all filtering registers. When a shared request is latched in the ACP and there are non-shared requests still pending, the non-shared requests must be completed before the shared request can proceed.