It is like stumbling across an alien manuscript, something unearthly and beautifully rendered, but incomprehensible. Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise has been. Graphic Scores from “Treatise” by Cornelius Cardew Cornelius Cardew ( – ) was a British music composer, who worked as an. Treatise [Score] – Cornelius Cardew PDF [35Mb] ‘Treatise is a graphic musical.

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Treatise (music)

This period of experimentation seems to have allowed Cardew to consider the role of the improviser as a kind of athlete. Do you go corneliys of tune eg?

What symbols are for sounding and what for orientation. As with many graphic scores I feel treatisee interpretation of the score is best carried out by performance rather than by written critical analysis.

Although the score allows for absolute interpretive freedom no one interpretation will sound like anotherthe work is not normally played spontaneously, as Cardew had previously suggested that performers devise in advance their own rules and methods for interpreting and performing the work.

The graphic richness of the score and its resemblance to abstract composition dardew the piece to exist also as a purely visual cwrdew. Curiously, Cardew did not withdraw Treatise from publication despite his repudiation. Two things running concurrently in haphazard fashion suddenly synchronise autonomously and sling you forcibly into a new phase. Herbert Bayer was a prolific graphic designer and typography designer who also worked as a…. Retrieved from ” https: German graphic designer and painter Anton Stankowski – worked on the possibility of….

Learn how your comment data is processed. In writing this score, Cardew has taken great care to not suggest conelius in which it should be read or interpreted by performers of the work.


Treatise Handbook

Working notes is a chronologically arranged collection of personal notes made by Cardew during the years he spent writing the score from to Mainly the Visual Aspects,” Tempo Identification with nature is similar to preparedness. Herbert Bayer’s Small Architectural Projects Herbert Bayer was a prolific graphic designer and corneliuw designer who also worked as a….

The work appears to be a collection of abstract codnelius and shapes that evolve over its pages. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Although the bottom of each page has two five-line musical staves, this is not apparently meant to suggest piano or other keyboard instrument s. The horizontal central bar is the main and most constant orientation; what happens where it ceases or bends?

Upon meeting again in LondonCardew provided Kotik with additional portions of the score and insights. But it is composed according to musical principles and is intended treatize serve as a score for musicians to play from.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, a simplistic musical expression must also subtly express how it was achieved.

Treatise is a long continuous drawing — in form rather similar to a novel.

My attitude is that corneliua musical and the real worlds are one. Cardew says the performer with this virtue will live; …like a yachtsman to utilise the interplay of natural forces and currents to steer a course.

File:Cardew Cornelius Treatise pdf – Monoskop

Tilbury says of this performance: However, Cardew allows resemblances to occur only as a reminder of the works musicality. The tapes have been carefully restored and remastered, but there’s still plenty of vintage analogue airiness to the sound. They began using many other instruments and non-instruments, resonant objects made from glass, metal and wood.


It is apparently only meant to indicate that the graphic elements are musical, not purely artistic, in character. Who can say in what consists the mode of operation of this language? And if you’re looking for interesting musical questions to ask, you can’t do much better than Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise.

Is it likely that it is reducible to electrical impulses on tapes and the oscillation of a loudspeaker membrane? They are however to be interpreted in the context of their role in the whole. From the Depth of Silence: Cardew refers to Wittgenstein again and quotes him equating the logical structure of recorded music to the logical structure of a score.

Cornelius Cardew: Treatise

This page graphic score, which occupied the composer for four years, and which performers are encouraged to interpret any way they feel appropriate though useful tips abound in the Treatise Handbook Cardew published in is rich, elusive and thought-provoking enough to keep you busy for a lifetime.

Abstracted minims and crotchets appear, as do ties, slurs, dots, points, lines and numbers. However, indications of sounds, noises, and musical relationships do not figure in the score, which is purely graphic… Each player interprets the score according to his own acumen and sensibility.

Musicality is a dimension of perfectly ordinary reality.

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