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After God had made all other creatures, He created man, male and female, with reasoning and immortal souls, rendering them fit to live that life for Him for which they were created; — being made in the image of God, in knowledge, righteousness, and true holiness; having the law of God written in their hearts, and having the power to fulfil it; — and yet living under a possibility of transgressing, being left to the liberty of their own will which was subject to change.

The Lord Jesus, by His perfect obedience and sacrifice of Himself which He, through the eternal Spirit, once offered up to God, has fully satisfied the justice of God, has procured reconciliation, and has purchased an everlasting inheritance in the kingdom of Heaven for all those whom the Father has given to Him.

Therefore it is the duty of every one to give the utmost diligence to make his calling and election sure, so that his heart may be enlarged in peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, in love and thankfulness to God, and in strength and cheerfulness for carrying out the duties of obedience. As a natural man, he is altogether averse to spiritual good, and dead in sin. A vow, which is not to be made to any creature but to God alone, is to be made and performed with all the utmost care and faithfulness.

He is the only fountain of all being; from Whom, through Whom, and to Whom all things exist and move. God and the Holy Trinity The Lord our God is the one and only living and true God; Whose subsistence is in and of Himself — Who is infinite in being and perfection; Whose essence cannot be comprehended by any but Himself; — Who is a most pure spirit, invisible, without body, parts, or passions — Who only has immortality — Who dwells in the light which no man can approach, Who is immutable, immense, eternal, incomprehensible, almighty, in every way infinite, most holy, most wise, most free, most absolute; — Who works all things according to the counsel of His own immutable and most righteous will, for His own glory; — Who is most loving, gracious, merciful, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth; — Who forgives iniquity, transgression, and sin; — Who is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him; — and Who, at the same time, is most just and terrible in His judgements, hating all sin and Who will by no means clear the guilty.

Because there is not one person who does good and commits no sin, and because the best of men may fall into great sins and provocations through the power and deceitfulness of their own indwelling corruption and the prevalency of temptation, God has mercifully provided in the covenant of grace that when believers sin and fall they shall be renewed through repentance to salvation.

The Baptist Confession of Faith () – Iglesia Bautista Reformada

And since the Fall, worship is not to be given without a mediator, nor by any other mediation than that of Christ. Works performed by unregenerate men, although they may in essence be things which God commands, and they may be good and beneficial both to themselves and others, yet because they do not proceed from a heart purified by faith, and bautosta not done in a right manner according to dee Word, and because it is not their underlying purpose to bring glory to God, therefore they are sinful, and cannot please God, nor can they make a man fit to receive grace from God.


They will also gain a clearer sight of their need of Christ and the perfection of His own obedience. Although the Gospel is the only outward means of revealing Christ and saving grace, and as such is totally sufficient to accomplish this, yet more is necessary if men who are dead in trespasses are to be born again, brought to life or regenerated. We ought also to make supplications and prayers for rulers and all that are in authority, that under them we may live a quiet and peaceable life, in all godliness and honesty.

All these freedoms were also experienced in substance by true believers under the Old Testament law, but for New Testament Christians this liberty is further enlarged, for they have freedom from the yoke of the ceremonial law to which the Jewish church was subjected.

The way appointed by Christ for the calling of any person fitted and gifted by the Holy Spirit for the office of bishop or elder in a church, is that he is 189 be chosen by the common consent and vote of the church itself.

No church members, because of any offence which has been given them by a fellow member, once they have performed their prescribed duty towards the person who has caused the offence, may disturb church order in anyway, or be absent from the meetings of the cnofesion or the administration of any ordinances on account of any such offence. The Pope of Rome cannot in any sense 16899 head of the Church, but he is that antichrist, that man of sin, and son of perdition, who exalts cnfesion in the church against Christ and all that is called God, who the Lord shall destroy with the brightness of His coming.

All this is required by the law of nature and by the express confsion of our Lord Jesus, Who has ordained that they that preach the Gospel should live by the Gospel. By all the evidence the Scripture more than proves itself to be the Word of God. However in substance and nature they still remain truly and only bread and wine as they were before.

These duties are the natural fruits of assurance, for it is far from inclining men to slackness. Then shall the righteous go into everlasting life and receive that fullness of joy and confewion with everlasting reward in the presence of the Lord. Much less can men who do not embrace the Christian religion be saved, however diligent they may be to frame their lives confesioj to the light of nature and the requirements of the religion they profess.

When we have done all we can, we have only done our duty, and are still unprofitable servants. The Lord Jesus, His human nature thus united to the divine, once in the person of the Son, was sanctified and anointed with the Holy Spirit above measure, having in Himself all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Their ability to do these good works does not in any way come from themselves, bautistz comes wholly from the Spirit of Christ. Creation In the bautizta it pleased God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for the manifestation of the glory of His eternal power, wisdom, and goodness, to create or make the world and all things in it both visible and invisible, in the space of six days, and all very good.


He may not be worshipped by way of visible representations, or by any other way not prescribed in the Holy Scriptures. All people throughout the world who profess the faith of the Gospel and obedience to Christ on its terms, and who do not destroy confeesion profession by any errors which contradict or overthrow Gospel fundamentals, or by unholy behaviour, are visible saints and may be regarded as such.

In this promise the substance of the Gospel was revealed and shown to be the effectual for the conversion and salvation of sinners. Thus to believe such doctrines or to obey such commands out of conscience, is to betray true liberty of conscience.

Bautistas Reformados

So shall this doctrine provide cause for praise, reverence, admiration of God, and also provide cause for humility, diligence, and abundant consolation to all who sincerely obey the Gospel. These hautista appointments are to be administered only by those who are qualified and called to administer them, according to the commission of Christ.

This office and duty of Mediator and Surety the Lord Jesus undertook most willingly. Such is the provision batista God has made through Christ in the covenant of grace for the preservation of believers in the way of salvation, that although even the smallest sin deserves damnation, yet there is no sin great enough to bring damnation on those who repent.

A true believer may wait long and fight with many difficulties before he becomes a partaker of it. This faith, although it differs in degree, and may be weak or strong, even at its very weakest is in an entirely different class and has a different nature like other aspects of saving grace from the kind of faith and common grace which is possessed by temporary believers.

And the Father also put all power and judgement in His hand, and gave Him commandment to exercise the same. Those of mankind who are predestinated to life, God chose before the foundation of the world was laid, in accordance with His eternal and immutable purpose and the secret counsel and good pleasure of His will. Man, by his fall into a state of sin, has completely lost all ability of will to perform any of the spiritual good which accompanies salvation.

Their descendants are therefore conceived in sin, and are by nature the children of wrath, the servants of sin, and confesoon subjects of death and all other miseries, spiritual, temporal, and eternal, unless the Lord Jesus sets them free.

The Baptist Confession of Faith (1689)

It is an excellent, though not inspired, expression of the teaching of those Holy Scriptures by which all confessions are to be measured. It is lawful for Christians to accept and carry out the duties of a magistrate when called upon. Although God knows everything which may or can come to pass under all imaginable conditions, yet He has not decreed anything because He foresaw it in the future, or because it would come to pass under certain conditions.

It must be made with understanding, reverence, humility, fervency, faith, love, and perseverance; and corporate prayer must be made in a known language.

The moral law ever binds to obedience everyone, justified people as well as others, and not only out of regard for the matter contained in it, but also out of respect for the authority of God the Creator, Who gave the law. Accordingly, those who are elected, being fallen in Adam: