Compromising Positions [Jenna Bayley-Burke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When fitness empire CEO David Strong agrees to help. Falling in love is the last thing on his busy compromising positions can lead just about anywhere. David Strong knows how to do a lot of things – run . Read “Compromising Positions” by Jenna Bayley-Burke with Rakuten Kobo. When CEO David Strong is strong-armed into demonstrating Kama Sutra yoga.

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Physically reacting to someone you need to keep in the friend-zone? It seems like if she just said the words out loud, he wouldn’t be so clueless. I love a spicy romance read with a good storyline and likable characters, but really good ones can be hard to find. I would give this a 6 star if I could!!

This engaging and entertaining read is sure to be a pleaser for readers who jnena looking for some light and fun romance. I know there is much more story there, the whole book is leading up to it, but it just wraps up and ends all of a sudden, leaving me feeling a little lost.

It was a fun-sexy-romance with great characters! And the hero was a bastard through and through.

baykey-burke Dec 11, Compromising Positions wrapped me up compromsing its arms and kept me safe and warm from the very first page and through to the last one. Our authors participate in this group, as well, so ask questions and get entangled in our books. David has a type—tall, blonde, and as uninterested in commitment as he is. Burke’s seductive game of foreplay comlromising an amusing battle of boundaries, personalities and irresistible characters.


I jrnna this one I’ve had this book sitting on my kindle for years and didn’t realise the little gem it was. Sophie Delfino and David Strong are forced into partnering to teach a sensual yoga class when Sophie’s sister, Daphne, and David’s best friend, Chris, who are married to each other, couldn’t. Taken by the CEO. Nov 30, Vashti rated it it was amazing. He is sweet and kind, and he tries to do the right thing, even if it is the wrong thing for Sophie.

This book was about a woman who has lived her life worrying and looking after her family and not looking after herself. I was definitely grinning the whole way through the epilogue. In fact, Sophie is pretty selfish in her single-minded pursuit of her long-time fantasy man. Taking on the teaching duties for a friend and expectant sister, respectively, these two mismatched leads are maneuvering their way through the positions.

Bayley-burme Fake to Forever. I’ve probably read this book 20 times since it was first released and I’ve read the re-released version twice already.

Compromising Positions

The smut is plentiful, but it isn’t what drives the book. They both own gyms and they’ve both been tagged to fill in for the instructors of a couple’s sensual yoga class. I loved her sassiness and strength. I love me a egocentric man and the woman who knocks him down a few pegs and Compromising Positions does not disappoint in this area!


These two areas, however, do not prevent the story from still being a fun and romantic read.

Behind the Book: Compromising Positions by Jenna Bayley-Burke

I’ve always loved David despite his man whorish tendencies and his somewhat overinflated ego. Thanks for adding me as a friend: We appreciate your feedback. Ecco in cosa coniste questo libro.

To be honest though, it was kind of weird she’s so enthusiastic about sex when she’s never watched porn before. Time to make up for it. November 28, Imprint: I love a sappy ending as any romance junkie that was pushing the limit. Compromising Positions makes bayley-bruke hard to decide.

Compromising Positions by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Besides the sensual positions he has to endure without embarrassing himself in public, there s an embezzler stealing from his company. Refresh and try again. I really wanted that for a title, because WOW. Good book, not great. She did everything for everyone, but no one treated her like she had a say. Jan 13, Ellelou rated it really liked it. He never broke a rule…until he met her.

There’s a lot of scheming, and a lot of scheming behind the scheming involved. I hope you’ll take a chance on their love story.