The Cluetrain Manifesto is a work of business literature collaboratively authored by Rick Levine .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Encuentra The Cluetrain Manifesto de Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger (ISBN: ) en Amazon. Envíos gratis a partir. The latest Tweets from cluetrain (@cluetrain): “Item: “fake news” appears in The Cluetrain Manifesto (), written in “.

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When we have questions we turn to each other for answers.

On top of the affirmative content, the book is exuberantly written, rough and bursting with enthusiasm like a child with a secret. Having read the book I can now count myself as one of the many who say “Cluetrain verbalized a sentiment I’ve had for many years in a way that just made simple sense.

Read The Cluetrain Manifesto!

Byeverybody knows about the humanist movement of employees and customers who want to force businesses to become more human. Without those, it’s hard or even impossible to have a conversation.

Use them however you want. Every new link makes the Web richer.

That being said I would recommend you read the book because it will remind you that you are human and to act like one. Le persone si riconoscono tra loro come tali dal suono di questa voce.

Respect for hands-on knowledge wins over respect for abstract authority. We chop off the part we don’t like.

The Cluetrain Manifesto

If Facebook is your experience of the Net, then dluetrain strapped on goggles from a company with a fiduciary responsibility to keep you from ever taking the goggles off.


I honestly thought it was a fiction book from the title, something mqnifesto the lines of The Monkey Wrench Gang, perhaps. Long may we have our Internet to love. The best part of the book is the story telling and language that doesn’t sound like a business book.

The world wspaol spread out before us like a buffet, and yet we stick with our steak and potatoes, lamb and hummus, fish and rice, or whatever. Their members communicate in language that is natural, open, honest, direct, funny and often shocking. So instead, here are some random thoughts…. When corporate intranets are not constrained by esoaol and legalistic rules, the type of conversation they encourage sounds remarkably like the conversation of the networked marketplace.

In fact, we are creating it. The authors then assert that the internet is providing a means for anyone connected to the internet to re-enter such a virtual marketplace and once again cluetrani such a level of communication between people.

We will not settle for the 4-color brochure, for web sites chock-a-block with eye candy but lacking any substance. Apr 05, Du4 rated it liked it Shelves: Tribes give rise to Us vs.

The Cluetrain Manifesto

The authors showed great insight into the potential of the Internet. Rather, they will seek their own comfort and good first, doing the bare minimum to get by. And we’ve barely begun to re-invent that.

Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors. The Internet is not a thing any more than gravity is a thing. The book also has appendices which seem to intended as case studies on the application of the Cluetrain approach but are disappointing and add little to the book.


More Johnny Cash then Italian designer striped shirts. And Lord help those in the corporate world who don’t understand what is contained herein. Hey, “CheapShot” would make a great new app! The information available in the marketplace is superior to that available from the organizations themselves thesis 10— As a person not particularly tied to business, it was interesting to read a passionate exaltation of the power of the customer, i.

I don’t buy it and it made this book difficult on many levels.

The business that makes an object of desire is now the worst source of information about it. Same old tone, same old lies. The message that the Internet is a medium for conversation is dspaol more true today with the explosion of social media than it was at the time the book was written.

Below is the site as it existed then. As markets, as workers, we wonder why you’re not listening. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. While markets have indeed become more about peer to peer sharing, people themselves have become more like corporations. The main book remains relevant even after 10 years and massive change in the Internet.

A powerful global conversation has begun.