Club rooms & weirdos Author: Kimidori-san Genre: Fluff, Humor, College!AU, Crack Rating: pg Pairings: Kaisoo(main), Hunhan, Baekyeol Summary: It takes. Anonymous said: Do you know if Clubrooms and Weirdos is posted anywhere else besides by the original author? She deleted her account. EXO Fanfic Recs · @exo_rec. My personal library of EXO Fanfiction that I thought I’d make public incase anyone’s ever looking for a fic.

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Meet two virgin strippers.

The Thing About Distance: And oh, the blonde hair. But their relationship begins to alter when they begin sharing an apartment and Baekhyun becomes attracted to a more grown up, more assertive Sehun.

Quiet Jongin has a crush on perfect Kyungsoo whom he works with at the dog shelter. In which Luhan wakes up one day to find his new kitten Sehun has turned into a teenage boy. Kray I suggest you read the Chinese version so it makes more sense if you read Chinese. One morning, EXO wakes up and Kyungsoo is four years old.

How To Tame Your Dragon! Luhan wants to know if hte stories are true. Everyone wants a piece of Kyungsoo and Jongin is very displeased. Kyungsoo is a dreamer, ready to wake up, not not yet ready to live. Sometimes attraction is lethal, especially when the two people want completely different things.


They are practical and rational and process like a math equation or a map. The room is pitch black as they press into each other. Lu Han is determined to do his part to keep their business afloat — but wait, one of their Korean rivals is pretty cute. Jongdae had anr held back on his opinions, had always made sure to tell Joonmyun when he was being an idiot. The evolution of Chef Sehun.

Kaisoo Fic Recs

In which the two cheerleaders start an orgy – unintentionally. Yixing is a mystery, and Wu Fan is a masochist. Hunhan, Taoris, Xiuchen, Sulay Description: Alphabet I Hunhan I R. Except, well, he kind of does.

Do you know if Clubrooms and Weirdos is posted – EXO fic recs

Baekhyun and Sehun have been friends forever. Jongin denies, but then he runs smack into Kyungsoo and everything changes. Without a clue as to who he is besides his own name, Sehun wanders into Dr.

Kyungsoo is the runt of the pack, beaten and dragged down his entire life and finding a mate is cluboroms only escape. The same day Wu Fan gets assigned to write an article on the mysterious popular writer Lay, he meets the cute and similarly enigmatic man that frequents the same bar named Zhang Clurooms who Wu Fan most definitely does not have a crush on. Lykos I Kaisoo I R. Aka Hunhan Do the Do.


Sehun is a lazy bum who loathes the smell and feel of perspiration.

K-Pop World FanFics

When Chanyeol asks Xiumin to help him make Valentines chocolate, Xiumin is a bit more curious than he should be about who his friend wants to give them to. Reasons Why Luhan is Perfect: After discovering that his crush works for a phone sex line, Jongin has been making frequent calls to his workplace just to be able to talk to him.

But he was – god, he was. What could go wrong? Be it the sky, the tan colour, the texture or the smell, it was always the same. Baekyeol this is hilarious. Whatever you call it. Chanyeol may look like your usual university art major walking down the streets of Underground Seoul – in other words, an easy target for the gang-infested area. Best friends Jongin and Sehun have seen each other through their first crush, first date, first kiss, first broken heart.