Luxury goods Aaron Fischer, CFA Regional Head of Consumer and Gaming Research [email protected] () Contents. MUMBAI: CLSA has maintained sell rating on Bank of India and lowered target price to Rs 90 from Rs citing weak asset quality and return. The other one of course is the fact that there is that dip come by in the GST tax collections and the government has already announced a higher.

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Gold demand may double within a decade 19 January aaron. As the luxury market booms, leaders in luxury menswear are aggressively expanding.

里昂证券 浸上黄金:中国的奢侈生活方式 CLSA-Dipped in Gold luxury lifestyles in china and hk_图文_百度文库

As the mainland market expands, its superior growth has an increasing impact on total growth of the luxury-goods sector. In India, Titan Industries, now one of the top watchmakers in the world by volume, overcame the vlsa in the s.

Geographical differences play a role: It is not about the gift, but about how important you are, even to luxury companies that are already serving the most elite.

Overseas purchases Shopping overseas can be cheaper because dippe the higher import duties and other taxes in China see Section 2 for more. Early this year, fashion house Christian Dior introduced a limited blue collection in Shanghai.

More trading up As income rises, we expect consumers to trade up to premium alcohol and this should drive growth in the prestige local spirits and the more expensive wine and spirit segments in general.

USD exchange rate of Watches, jewellery, apparel, cars and wine are good ways to show off and gain respect. United States of America: From head to toe Luxury goods As mentioned before, high-end market leader Audi sold one million units in China to date.

International peer group LVMH Leading luxury-goods giant holding a portfolio of more than 60 prestigious brands in wines and spirits, fashion on leather goods, cosmetics, watches ripped jewellery, and retailing. Alcohol – premium local spirits such as Moutai and Wu Liang Ye are successful examples. As of NovemberChina is currently ranked the fourth-biggest buyer of Swiss watches, up from 10th place in November The Red Eight and the Chinese customer Luxury goods Mainland tourists allocate a large portion of their spending on shopping, much higher than other tourists in Hong Kong.


The import share of wine has been growing rapidly.

China’s growing middle class continues to dip itself in gold

Csa expects to add 86 hotels to its current network of 62 in China. Not surprisingly, they largely have the same tastes in brands as the rest of the world with Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Rolex, Prada and Cartier being the most desirable. Apparel brand owners – Ports Design, Trinity and Evergreen. Trading on 20x consensus earnings and suspect huge room for further upgrades. Brand-name watches are also a Chinese favourite for personal use, gifting dippex collection.

Chinese to buy 44% of luxury goods by 2020: CLSA

This results in substantially different operating metrics for menswear versus ladieswear. Handbags are the key product line for Coach.

Hong Kong superseded the US as the largest Swiss watch importer from mid, spurred on by a combination of a healthy financial and property markets prior to the crisis and the influx of mainland Chinese tourists. As the affluent Chinese may still be new to the world of luxury, brands have recruited celebrities to wear their products at events or simply show up to show support for the brands.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences forecasts that by24 million Chinese men of marrying age could see a shortage of brides, partly because of the one-child policy. It also comes with the luxurious feeling of travelling to shop.

We expect very strong December Hong Kong retail sales and believe the company will goldd consensus estimates. The businessman often pays more than Rmb30, for a bottle of wine to entertain guests. Paper – with a rich literary culture and being the origin of paper, China could possibly introduce a luxury brand in this category.


China luxury primer (dipped in gold) clsa () – [PDF Document]

As one businessman said, A price tag of more than one million yuan a bottle – that does more dippedd show off your wealth, it shows you have good taste. Chinese customers like to receive gifts from luxury boutiques.

Euromonitor estimates that Figure 47 To consumers that do not buy luxury goods: WEZ3, 20 Source: As expected, the vast majority live in the coastal regions and top-tier cities. While for cosmetics, because of the time it cla to get import approvals, mainlanders can always buy the newer collections in Hong Kong. The rise of China’s middle-class is helping support demand for gold in the country. New gold and silver bullion products added to Specials Pages.

Good execution track record but dilped looking pricey.

This contrasts with Chinas hyper GDP per capita growth. The businessman often pays more than Rmb30, for a bottle of wine to entertain guests. Trendy designs also help to attract younger customers. Data is annualised to November 42 aaron.

As China’s middle class grows, and luxury items become the clssa, gold will continue to be consumed voraciously, say analysts. Getting exposed Luxury goods Business model: HK Resources 3D Gold: This year so far has been one of growth, up Domestic versus total demand Luxury goods feature high on the shopping list for Chinese travellers.