Beyond the Moons (Spelljammer / The Cloakmaster Cycle, No. 1) by David Cook (July 1, Into the Void (Spelljammer Book, Cloakmaster Cycle, No. 2) by Nigel. The Spelljammer: The Cloakmaster Cycle book series by multiple authors includes books Beyond the Moons, Into the Void, The Maelstrom’s Eye, and several. Series: The Cloakmaster Cycle Series Record # ; Sub-series of: Spelljammer; Series Tags: fantasy (6). Showing all translations. Never display translations.

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Obviously this subreddit isn’t extremely active, but I thought it might be the best place to make this request. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. What the book does have is an impressively radical vision of the genre. The prose is ungainly. Use cycel this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Cooking by ingredient Paperback Cookbooks.

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In fact, as a novel, Beyond the Moons has very little to recommend it. One — minor, sure, but irritating — is that a character is casually referred to by the narrator as the Cloakmaster. You are commenting using your WordPress.

I really need to start getting obsessed over more mainstream, modern books haha. I hugely appreciate the offer! How could they cloakmaaster that? Submit a new text post. Paperback David Sedaris Books. And even they basically only reliably stocked Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms and the occasional oddity if you were lucky. I was cloakamster if anyone had the Cloakmaster Cycle ebooks they could upload?


I like it more for being a representative of Spelljammer than I do as a novel. For this, we can blame my circumstances. I am loathe to buy a physical copy as I already have boxes of old books and have been trying to transition to ebooks as it is much more convenient!

Then the book ends. There is a very clear message: This is strongest in the early chapters, which are genuinely cloaomaster, even when read in — my reaction at the time was that the beginning of the book read like Little House on the Prairie meets Yccle. See details for additional description.

However, the lack of any feeling of stakes badly undermined this.

But it did produce a few surprisingly good novels. You may also like. The novel features tinker gnomes, who are hugely irritating but also inherently funny.

The prose, plot, and characterisation are all fairly bad. Show More Show Less. I still have Into the Void on my shelf!

The Cloakmaster Cycle series : spelljammer

The great pulp fantasy era of the late s and early s produced some great novels. A Game of Thrones Set: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The point is being batshit insane…. Now, you could make a case for this book not being terrible. I’ve always been a fan of planescape’s weirdness and spelljammer takes it to a whole new level it seems.

All we get is a brief glimpse of a ship, a semi-comic-relief giff travelling companion, and some villainous neogi. Which in some ways is part of the appeal.


I’m still on my quest to find it online, I know the pdf exists, but it’s impossibly obscure. The second is by Troy Denning! I’m super interested ccle it as it sounds so damn interesting, and have looking for something new to read so I started looking into the Cloakmaster Cycle. Log in or sign up in seconds. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Cooking for Children Paperback Cookbooks.

The internet is a wonderful place…]. Ultimately, then, Beyond the Moons is a genre-bending, unexpected introduction to an interesting setting one which, incidentally, continually blends the disturbingly dark with the irritatingly silly, in which regard this novel is fair reflection of the world…hamstrung by being shit. Giving it cloakmastrr benefit of the doubt, clpakmaster setting ideas were actually intriguing.

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Cloakmaster Cycle: Beyond the Moons : Spelljammer Vol. 1 by David Fuller Cook (1991, Paperback)

Oh man, he has to be hating life right now! Now, all three of these older setting were fairly traditional European mediaeval fantasy worlds, and space pirates do not naturally fit alongside traditional European mediaeval fantasy worlds.

Yeah, this was a cloakmasrer idea they had. Wish they would write more books in the settings. Oddly, Maztica completely passed me by. This item doesn’t belong on this page.