“In the fact of being born there is such an absence of necessity that when you think about it a little more than usual you are left with a foolish grin” -E.M. Cioran. Emil Cioran — ‘Sólo el instante es divino infinito irremediable. El instante que Emil Cioran, Breviario de los vencidos Read more quotes from Emil M. Cioran. : Breviario de podredumbre () by E. M. Cioran and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at.

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But it’s precisely through the grandness of his sentiments that Cioran undermines his own plea for universal renunciation. El ciorab del Boca-River y la cultura del aguante. His insights pull no punches and he makes absurdism humourous -which is I think redeems the futility of living from the onslaught of suicidal thoughts that barrage the reader on every page.

Despite the fact that this is kind of a contradiction I think that if we read and try to make an analogy it again sounds like a joke.

What is true here is fairly uncontroversial: Sep 14, Luke rated it it was amazing Shelves: And it’s true, he does reads like a mature adult and not a rebellious teenager anymore. Bleak, yet I cannot help but laugh. Cioran geeft commentaar, verwerkt gedachten, bekritiseert en dient collega-denkers van antwoord.

File:Cioran EM Breviario de – Monoskop

He continued to write in Romanian until the early s he wrote his last article in Romanian inwhich is also the year in which he began writing in French. Hij noemde zichzelf ooit veelbetekenend ‘un homme de fragment’. This is the second book of his that I’ve read and it’s even darker than his more youthful and breviafio Tears and Saints which was really not the kind of b If you brrviario you hate life, or maybe just the world around you this book will make you kick yourself repeatedly for being just too much of a goddamn optimist.

There he wallows, waiting for his absurdly self-aware existence to run its futile course, all the while laughing at, not only us, but at himself as well.


Without thinking scientifically and more like a kid, do this thing: Cioran constantly mentions what a romantic, idealistic young man he was – though in “In the Heights of Despair” he seems as nihilistic as always – and how now he has matured, abandoning every trace of active brevixrio, abandoning movement and hope.

To what kind of abstract, removed viewpoint does this kind of thing seem not only truthful, but deep? Published September 15th by Arcade Publishing first published Says so much with such artistry.

A thinker who unwaveringly focussed his intellectual efforts on one sole problem – life and death itself – for his entire philosophic career, this little book offers a short and powerful insight into the psyche of one of modern Europe’s greatest and most captivating minds. Friedrich Nietzsche en Diogenes zijn favorieten en komen veelvuldig voor.

He says himself that poetry is a grander work than philosophy, and ultimately what he’s achieved here is closer to the former than the latter.

We can see the glimmer of progress and even hope if we squint hard enough. It is just amazing how at the last pages you can just see the streams and his pain within them. To ask other readers questions about A Short History of Decayplease sign up. So what’s the point breeviario be serious about life?

Feb 20, Bradley rated it it was amazing.

While the writing style is dense and abstruse often bordering on incomprehensibleit does possess a poetic beauty and is eminently quotable. You really have to be mad to love it.

Quote by Emil Cioran: “Sólo el instante es divino infinito irremediabl”

As dejected, disaffected and depressed as I find myself in certain moments, even I found A Short History of Decay to be an over-cooked, under-thought, pile of tripe. But, I find arguments like this so often amount to burying one’s head in the sand, and throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Aan de hand van talrijke quotes en verwijzingen spint hij een strak web van intertekstualiteit, zonder dat hierdoor de leesbaarheid in het gedrang komt.

A Short History of Bdeviario is dreck, but it’s beautiful dreck—sick with bits of glitter in it. Most of his ideas are too esoteric or crippled by his slanted perspective to be credible except in a poetic sense.

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Door de beknoptheid van de hoofdstukken – ze gaan van een halve pagina tot maximaal drie, vier pagina’s – en de veelheid aan thema’s religie, de afwezige God, de dood, bgeviario menselijk lijden, zelfmoord, de vrijheid, het auteurschap, verveling, de tijd, etc.

Breviario de podredumbre, de E. M. Cioran

Vroeger had ik een breciario nu ben ik niet meer dan een object For that you just have to laugh right in its face. He does read like someone who went to Paris for inspiration, stayed fo the nightlife, only to regress to cynicism when certainty suits him. See 1 question about A Short History of Decay…. Influenced by the German romantics, by Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and the Lebensphilosophie of Schelling and Bergson, by breviarip Russian writers, including Chestov, Rozanov, and Dostoyevsky, and by the Romanian poet Eminescu, Cioran wrote lyrical and expansive meditations that were often metaphysical in nature and whose recurrent themes were death, despair, solitude, history, music, saintliness and the mystics cf.

Het gebeurt zelden dat de kern van iemands denken verandert; wat daarentegen een metamorfose ondergaat, is de frasering, de uiterlijke schijn, het ritme. Nov 10, Travelin added it Shelves: But here’s the thing: Het bestaat uit zes grote delen, die op hun beurt ingedeeld zijn in meer dan honderdveertig korte, vignetachtige hoofdstukken. Hij beschreef zijn vertaalwerk als ‘het eindpunt van een epilepsieaanval’ en de Franse taal vergeleek hij met een dwangbuis.

Het fragmentarische uit zich ook in de interpunctie: And it’s true, he does reads like a mature adult and not a r What do you get when you mix Diogenes, Heraclitus, Lao zi, the Buddha and La Rochefoucauld in a small piece of coal and crushes it under an infitiny of existential despair and cosmic horror?