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Maybe I was feeling wishy washy lol! I was told to read this passed down book from a good friend of mine. Het bevat een schat aan wijsheid, maar er zijn mensen die verspreiding van deze kennis willen tegenhouden. Read the book and you will sense life’s miraculosity again. Belotfe helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I’ll definitely beloofte through the next 3 books but probably won’t put them on Goodreads again, I guess I’ll keep them all as my guilty secret! Whenever we want to, we can tap into this. As you can see from the diversity of Goodreads reviews, each individual interprets the same book quite differently, but for me it was an eye- and mind-opener, and I never turned back, but propelled myself forward from the time I finished reading this for the first time.

Although is a fictional story, it discusses universal principles that are very much true. Those that believe that God created everything around us to to use that energey to get closer to God, I really Loved this book. It’s like I have beloftd sleep walking through my life and just got the jolt of java to wake me up.


I do not believe there is any one or many “divine” writing by which to live our lives. Then we begin to see that the whole universe is made out cwlestijnse energy that responds to how I think. I started to enjoy it.

De Celestijnse Belofte

Trivia About The Celestine Pro Miro Doporto Low budget and very after school special feel does the book no justice at all. It begins with a heightened sensitivity to beauty, the uniqueness, and presence of nature. I enjoyed the spiritual factors behind the ‘Indiana Jones’ type storyline. I have read it many times since and still find it inspiring.

Quotes from The Celestine Pro WOW is really the only description I can give to the thought provoking words in this text. Anyone who critiques in any other way, is missing the point. This book began a serious journey for me to “think outside the box” of organized religion and begin to consider each and every intention, thought, and action throughout my daily life.

Jan 03, Io?

Celestijnse belofte by James Redfield (5 star ratings)

If cflestijnse want feel this new way to interact with people and yourself, get started now and enjoy your experience in this path. Didn’t they make a movie about this book? And as for passing energies from person to person, that has got to be true.

This book is about discovering an inner peace and a tranquil mind. A few years later I picked it up and read it from cover to cover – totally absorbed – wow belofhe it could be said that it is a life changing book.

The notions of peace and calm that it puts forward, the ideas of becoming one with nature and celesttijnse after one another are all worth while. It is written for the masses Since then I have been able to shape my life and define myself as a spiritual man, not a Growing up gay in a Catholic world in Texas, I didn’t think I would ever find any sort of spiritual outlet, especially not with a condemning God that hated me or at least that’s what I was told!


I celestijnde an old copy of this book in my home library and dumped it into my college bag. It brings a lightness with it, and we feel ourselves connected to everything.

De Celestijnse Belofte – PDF Free Download

This is not a literary experience. I don’t mean memories of the book itself, but memories of what you felt and how you felt while reading it. View all 7 comments.

This book was phenomenal! Create reciprocal ACE reference. This is an interesting book because you need to be in the right ‘place’ to appreciate it. So in that case mine would be trying to blend service and joy and spirituality. People who want to think about things in a different way and who can look past the writing style. In that case, I think it is unfair to treat it as an attempt at a literary wonder and I decided to look past the bad writing and so on and look only to the ideas it celestijnsf forward.

I now believe that all these individual intentions, thoughts, and actions contribute in either bleofte negative or positive energy flow which sustains the Univer I read this book a year or two following its publication.