With this latest revision, our main priority was to resolve unclear or incomplete areas of the CCXML specification. During this process several sections of the. The CCXML specification defines both a state machine and event handing syntax and a standardized set of call control elements. This tutorial implements the CCXML specification that was used for the CCXML is a new language, so new that the W3C specification has not.

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This attribute has special significance when documents are retrieved via HTTP. If the platform is unable to redirect the call this MUST result in the generation of an connection. In VoiceXML this would be the values of each of the objects listed in the exit element’s namelist. This call must be redirected.

If the attribute value is invalid or there is no valid default value, an error. The value match is case-sensitive if the ignore-case attribute is falsethe default.

specifucation This indicates that the document is willing to use content whose age is no greater than the specified time in seconds cf. Platforms that do not support hints MAY ignore this attribute. Values are formed by converting the referenced ECMAScript variable to string form which is undefined for objects.

These variable names and their associated values must be set as properties of the exit event. If the platform is unable to redirect the call this MUST result in the generation of an error.

If for any reason the implementation is unable to create the bridge using the specified options it MUST fail with a error. In the case of like-named variables declared in different scopes, the implementation MUST reference the variable in the closest containing scope, unless the fully-qualified variable name is used.

This attribute is only valid in conjunction with the joinid attribute, otherwise ignored.

Variables defined in the session scope are subject specificatuon the parent scope chain delegation model but do not have a parent scope defined. In previous versions of CCXML, the sample application above would have required a backend web application to keep track of the conference ids in use. There spwcification three kinds of these events: Session was started due to a external session specifucation request.

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Variables defined in the session scope are subject to the parent scope chain delegation model but do not have a parent scope defined. The access URI may also be specified in an implementation-specific manner for example, product documentation.

Each named variable will be created as a property of ‘session. Join-related events including conference. If a session receives a ‘ conference. If only the name attribute is specified, the CGI must execute the if-parameter content only if the named parameter is present in the request.

For simple events, these objects often contain a simple list of property fields.

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The long list of enhancements and the resulting specification address most of the questions that were left lingering from prior CCXML specification revisions.

These variables MUST be submitted to the specivication server, with the same qualification as used in the namelist. And last – but not least – we reworked several areas in the interest of overall consistency: For example, if the access URI for the ” basichttp ” processor is set to ” http: Part 5 in a 5-part series ‘.

If a platform does not support AGC, it must ignore this attribute.

Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version 1.0

This variable is undefined if the dialog is not bridged to a connection. If the value is “dialogtransmit”, the dialog transmits media to the Connection or Conference but does not receive any media streams. The eventid is a unique string identifier of the event generated by the ” basichttp ” processor. Voice Browser Call Control: If the “User-Agent” header is present and not empty, the next document is ” pass. An array containing the identifiers of all media endpoints to which the output stream of this media endpoint is sent.

Other parameters provided in the HTTP request are treated as the event payload and made available in the created session. Cxcml, it should be noted that the two languages are separate and are not required in an implementation of either language. It is possible for Dialogs to exist that are not joined to a Connection or a Conference.


This will enable application developers to use markup to perform call screening, whisper call waiting, call transfer, and more. In this document, the key words “must”, “must not”, “required”, “shall”, “shall not”, “should”, “should not”, “recommended”, “may”, and “optional” are to be interpreted as described in [RFC] and indicate requirement levels for compliant CCXML implementations. With this latest revision, our main priority was to resolve unclear or incomplete areas of the Speciication specification.

Call Control eXtensible Markup Language – Wikipedia

This property is a reference to an object defining protocol information for the protocol used on this connection; the referenced object defines information which applies to all connections using this protocol, and it has at least two properties: Ability to receive events and messages from external computational entities.

Handling for richer and more asynchronous events. These variables must be submitted to the server, with the same qualification as used in the namelist. The default is Ok.

The delayed event queue for sending events must be maintained locally. Tech News You Can Use We deliver the top business tech news stories about the companies, the people, and the products revolutionizing the planet.

The picture below illustrates the media streams associated with the Connection c1. For example, a parameter named “a. The philosophy in this regard has been to “make simple things simple to do.

Only files that are in the directory immediately above the cgi-bin directory see below may be included. This time interval must be interpreted by the new CCXML session as the maximum time it may wait for the completion of the fetch for the initial document specified by the next attribute. If the VoiceXML application is returning data using the expr attribute the data will be stored in “values”. The platform MUST implicitly tear down any existing bridges to the connections and send a conference.