Free Essay: Case Study | CavinKare Private limited: Serving Low Income Consumers | | Submitted to: Dr. Rohit Singh (Module Leader). I was so impressed by this book specially with the case study of CavinKare which I would like to share with you guys today.(Basicall Iwant to. To download CavinKare – The Small ‘Big’ Company case study (Case Code: MKTA) click on the button below, and select the case from the list of available .

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Ranganathan’s Ranganathan father, Chinni Krishnan had an entrepreneurial streak in him. Despite of steady progress Velvette was still ruling the shampoo market. Pioneers of sachet packing and mass marketing in rural areas, CavinKare, had grown from a Rs.

CavinKare – The Small ‘Big’ Company

After my father’s death, my brothers took charge of the family business. Wishing you all A Very Happy Dussehra! He targeted rural and small town customers who used soaps to wash their hair. A 50 ml shampoo bottle costs twice as much as the sachet of same volume.

Soon, consumers started asking for Chik sachets only. Cxse establish his marketing network he decided to invite people with no marketing experience in FMCG products as being new to FMCG they would be working on his norms and more than experience the passion was required in this field. By research he found out that these people use natural products like Reetha, Shikakai etc.


The inspiring success story of CavinKare

To overcome this he came up with a innovative marketing idea of giving one Chik sachet free for every four empty sachets of any shampoo that people brought to retailer and cavinkae he changed the scheme cavinkaree one Chik shampoo sachet free for every four empty Chik sampoo sachets. Karthika retails at Re1 while Meera at Rs2.

It took nine years for me to overtake my brothers’ business. Infact Chinni pickles is the largest selling sachet pickle in the whole India. The second reason of our success is innovation. Meera Herbal powder was actually not our idea.

Each idea of ours was rewarded by our customers. The 11 companies which are covered in this book:. In the last two to three years, our market share has come down though we are growing. I feel each of us has to give something back to the society. Beginning was very challenging and it took him three years to get his first bank loan of Rs25, which he later upgraded slowly to Rs 15 lakh. Porus Munshi is a partner consultant at Erehwon Innovation Consulting, a company dedicated to fuelling innovation in India.


Chinni pickle came into existence when during his market visits Mr. He started Chik India as a small partnership firm.

The usage was very low despite being aware of shampoo market because of the price constraints. Looking at this scenario Mr. Urban Rnewal Su Kam.

CavinKare: A Case Study – Sparkles Unlimited

CavinKare in Pickle Market: I knew only caviknare things; making shampoo and rearing pets. CavinKare in Perfume Market: Shaw Wallace already had a herbal product but it was marketed very poorly. We were successful in that too.

Ranga saw small enterprises selling single use packet pickle which was packed in unhygienic polythene packs with high level of microbial contamination. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Teamwork is the main reason for our success.

Finally a pickle packing machine was developed along with a process that could deliver zero microbial infestation and Chinni pickle got introduced into the market.