Search in Vortice catalogs and technical brochures on ArchiExpo and find the information you need in 1 click. Consult Vortice’s entire Filo Brochure catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/8. Consult Vortice’s entire In Line Brochure catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/

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Open the catalog to page Open the catalog to page 8. Fitted with just 1 screw, supplied.

EcoGreen Hygiene Brochure – Vortice – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Quadro brochure” P. AIR DOOR RANGEAir curtains for horizontal installation, particularly suitable for use in public placesElegant design andenvironmental comfortAir curtains, installed in line with doors or openingsin general, create an invisible barrier separating zonesof Spigot Plate available only in UK Code Description Ducting mm flexible duct 3m length mm flexible duct 10m length mm flexible vorticd 3m length mm flexible Open catqlogue catalog to page 6.


II IPX4 9 Vortice Vario Range extract and intake axial fans suitable for air extraction directly to the outside offering a wide variety of installation possibilities Design: Motor with shielded vorfice and ball bearings 30, hours guaranteed continuous operation with thermal cut-out.

Open the catalog to page 9. The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition.

Open the catalog to page 4. Outlet spigot which can be positioned to the rear or side using optional accessories.


High performances and reduced maintenance needs. Deumido Electronic EE20To get rid of condensation and damp in: Environmental sensors are designed to detect specific environmental conditions humidity, temperature, presence of a moving voetice and air quality and suitable for use with all Vortice Vario models.

Easy to open for maintenance. Rapid drying without using excess energy.

Open the catalog to page 7. Vortice Vario Rangeextract and intake axial fanssuitable for air extraction directly to the outsideoffering a wide bortice of installation possibilitiesIPX4Design: Brackets included Dual speed Installation in false ceiling in a domestic area The product can Open the catalog to page 4.

In Line Brochure – Vortice – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

Three speeds, with indicator light showing the extract speed selected. These products can be wall-mounted, connecting the outlet to vvortice, ceiling-mounted, or fitted in a false Open the catalog to page 6.


Ariett LL MHC Wall or ceiling-mounted centrifugal extractor fans with electronic microprocessor for automatc relative humidity and temperature control.

Vort Quadro I Wall-mounted centrifugal exhaust units, with or without timer and incorporated humidistat, suitable for ducted installations.

The air can be programmed to operate from 20 to 60 seconds. Controllable through Vortice environmental Lower working temperature makes them ideal for use in schools and nurseries, i.

They can also be fitted flush with the wall.

Lower working temperaturemakes them ideal for use inschools and nurseries, i. Complete with brackets and template, easy to install vertical cataolgue horizontal extract points.

Ariett Recessed Range Suitable for use in bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets.