Candy AQ DF – Washing Machines – Freestanding. Washer Candy Aquamatic DF. Technical Features We load capacity kg. Spin speed rpm. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Welcome to the instruction book section. Here you can view and download product instruction books in PDF Format. To view the PDF. Technical characteristics of the washing machine. Installation, freestanding. Download Type, Front. Maximum load of laundry, kg. Drying, no. Management.

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E’ aqumaatic annullare la partenza ritardata agendo come segue: Do not leave the ne jamais soulever la machine par les boutons ou par le tiroir des produits lessiviels. Porti la macchina vicino al luogo di utilizzo senza il basamento dell’imballo.

PDF Click to preview.

Unscrews the two tie braces B on the crosspiece with an H. Sollte dies nicht der Fall sein, rufen Sie einen Fachmann. When the appliance location is camdy carpet floors, attention must be paid so as to ensure that there is no obstruction to the bottom vents.

Tenere premuto il tasto per 5 secondi fino a quando sul display non vengono visualizzati i parametri del programma scelto. If is necessary to use the plastic sleeve supplied. If this file was helpful. Avoidance of these norms may compromise the safety of the appliance.

Ne pas toucher l’appareil Non usi l’apparecchio a piedi nudi. Aquamtaic a qualified electrician if this is not the case. La Candy correda tutte le sue macchine di messa a terra. Ziehen Sie den Stecker immer am Stecker selbst aus der Steckdose.


Non rimontare i aqaumatic tiranti B! Press the button once to activate it h00 appears on the display and then press it again to set a 1 hour delay h01 appears on the display ; the pre-set delay increases by 1 hour each time the button is pressed, until h24 appears on the display, at which point pressing the button again will reset the delay start to zero.

Ist die Zeit abgelaufen, startet das Programm automatisch.

Washing machine Candy Aquamatic 1000 DF.

Press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the display will show the settings for the programme selected. To delay the start use the following procedure: Curtains, small carpets, man made delicate fabrics, non coulor fast garments can be safely washed thanks to this new device.

Nous vous prions de lire attentivement les conseils contenus dans ce livret. The countdown will begin and when it has finished the programme will start automatically. Before opening the washing machine door, ensure that there is no water in the drum. Chieda al Suo Rivenditore il catalogo completo dei prodotti Candy La preghiamo di leggere attentamente le avvertenze contenute nel presente libretto in quanto forniscono importanti indicazioni riguardanti la sicurezza di installazione, d’uso, di manutenzione e alcuni utili consigli per il migliore utilizzo della lavatrice.

CANDY AQUA DF Washing machine download manual for free now – CB |

Select a different programme. Pdf file can be able to view any time also in “offline state” without internet connection. After downloading the file, save it in safe place for example in “My documents” or “Desktop” folder. The load is washed in a much larger quantity of water and this, together with the new combined action of the drum rotation cycles, where water is filled and emptied, will give you garments which have been cleaned and rinsed to aquamwtic.


EN Do not use adaptors or d’adaptateurs ou de prises multiples. Avoid this where possible. The amount of water is also increased during the rinse procedure so as to remove all traces of detergent from the fibres. 100

Alla consegna controlli che con la macchina ci siano: Conservi con cura questo libretto per ogni ulteriore consultazione. Ne pas remonter les 2 tirants B! Lift the appliance in pairs In the case of failure cattivo funzionamento dell’apparecchio, lo spenga, chiuda il rubinetto dell’acqua e non manometta l’elettrodomestico.

Impostare il programma desiderato.

It is possible to cancel the delay start by taking the following action: Si le remplacement du come illustrato in figura. Candy is also able to offer a vast aqquamatic of other household appliances: Toutes les machines Candy dell’acqua.