Mentor Pyxis Custom Design to Calibre Standard Interfaces. and L-Edit layout environments, providing access to Calibre nmDRC, nmLVS, xRC, xACT and PERC directly from the Tanner environment. Users can enable the Calibre RealTime toolbar through the menu, as documented in the Calibre RealTime manual. Calibre® xRC is a robust parasitic extraction tool that delivers accurate parasitic data for comprehensive and accurate post-layout analysis and simulation. calibre manual – Calibre PEX for SPICE extraction – schematic export failed- ( The syntax is documented in the calibre Verification User’s manual, part of the.

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Square brackets enclose optional arguments. It lets you find a word by matching the whole word, matching the case, or by searching backwards from your starting point. How You Use the Tool.

If the distance between any two adjacent vias is greater than value, then the tool stops grouping the via pairs and begins grouping a new set of vias. You subsequently format the output netlist containing the parasitics with the Calibre xRC Formatter.

Mentor Graphics does not warrant that Software will meet your requirements or that operation of Software will be uninterrupted or error free. Consequently, you must ensure your input source is compatible with the legal syntax of the output netlist format.

Contacting Mentor Graphics SupportCenter. For instance, this statement would include top level net names foobar, foos, and foo1, but would not include 1foo or ffoo. Although the Formatter makes a reasonable choice of nodes when connecting, this connection is, essentially, arbitrary.

Mxnual representation or other affirmation of fact contained in this publication shall be deemed to be a warranty or give rise to any liability of Mentor Graphics whatsoever. For more information on PDF-based documentation, and details on performing find and search operations, refer to Using Mentor Graphics Documentation with Acrobat Reader.

Except for nested variable declarations and conditional statements, you can write them in any order. Latest software enhancements Technical support for resolving issues SupportNet online services for finding solutions, and submitting and tracking your service requests You can contact Mentor Graphics Customer Supporting using either of the following methods: How the Environment Variable Works.



Now run it in ESIM, just the same way you did it for your schematic netlist. Online help requires installing Acrobat Reader and the Mentor Graphics Corporation-specific search index plug-in. Operations — work on the layout data. Statements are broken into the following functional groups: Setting a Limit for Via Reduction.

Figure shows two examples of how information in a hierarchical netlist can differ from the actual layout. Each copy must include all notices and legends embedded in Software and affixed to claibre medium and container as received from Mentor Graphics. If you supply an empty calobre list, or if none of the cells in valibre provided xcell list are found in the layout, the Calibre xRC tool will issue the following warning message at the conclusion of the Parasitic Database PDB stage: It is possible the foundry has reasons for wanting you t.

For more information on performing find and search operations, refer to Using Mentor Graphics Documentation with Acrobat Reader. My question, after that how can do the simulation and compare the simulation with the schematic sim. View it and highlight the shorts one after the other. For example, if you set both environment variables to the following values: The prevailing party in any legal action regarding the subject matter usr this Agreement shall be entitled to recover, in addition to other relief, reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses.

Additionally, the layout netlist describes connections for ideal nets, specifically nets without parasitic elements ideal conductors. Calibre xRC tool — defines a design’s hierarchy for global net extraction. For the details of its syntax, you should refer to the manual xdc the calibrr you use, i.

Government or a U.

Variable for Limiting Via Reduction. Using this environment variable, you specify the maximum allowable distances manhattan between adjacent vias in a grouping of vias. When you use this statement, you must list the nets by name you want excluded from the extraction run.


Calibre Interactive and Calibre RVE User’s Manual

To xc this, please provide how much difference for your case. If you do not specify the switch, messages from the analyzer are not printed to the transcript. Normally, you set value to 5 times the minimum via spacing value. It removes leading Xs from instance names.

xCalibre Instructions

The following list contains links to related Calibre tool-specific Mentor Graphics Corporation publications: In this case, the tool merges layout nets and writes the combined net model to the output netlist. If no port text is available on a given net, the default mechanism for choosing the port location is used manusl.

The Calibre xRC Formatter ignores any embedded spaces. In other words, the wildcard character does not match hierarchy. Performing Gate-Level Parasitic Extraction — contains concepts and usage procedures for using the Calibre xRC tool for gate-level parasitic extraction. You must specify this statement for subsequent use by the Calibre LVS tool. Boeckman Road, Wilsonville, Oregon BY layerC However, using this method to connect more than two layers impacts the performance of the new resistance engine.

Using the environment variable will affect parasitic net model names. It will produce netlist which is in Eldo format. Using Wildcards and Specifying Search Level You can use wildcards to select nets to include or exclude when performing a parasitic extraction run. Note The primary usage difference between layout name and source name extraction is which tool you use for creating the Persistent Hierarchical Database, or PHDB.

How to fix LVS error warning! The PDB contains the results of parasitic extraction and analysis on nets.