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Order Series Speakers direct from Bowers & Wilkins or find a retailer. Bringing the highest quality sound straight to you. Used B&w for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Used Bw D for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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It has become their trademark. Molded from Marlan, a synthetic, mineral filled resin, this granite-hard enclosure is sprayed with seven coats of lacquer and polished by hand until it’s as smooth as glass. They have been developed for making music mixes whil listening loudly. The most important factor was for them to be able to play really loud &bw having vanishingly low distortion.

It wasn’t long before I realized that the cause was a distinctively more smooth and balanced midrange that projected voices and melodies into the room. Even allowing for all the other uncontrolled variables this is a massively different proposition. Using modern scientific processes, we grow diamond under laboratory conditions to form the optimum tweeter dome shape. The statistics are as awesome as ever.

What Hi-Fi?

The tweeters should be pointed at, or just behind the ears with a degree of precision that is necessary because the dispersion of the tweeter is very narrow near its upper frequency limit. While that provides for a clean appearance when the grilles aren’t in place, it also eliminates the need for any fussy swapping of the phase plugs on the Kevlar FST midrange driver.

This is how the designer has been able to use such a large drive unit: This is a loudspeaker that tips the scales at lbs apiece or kg as we prefer in the UKand the D is extremely big, though not especially tall at I bought these magnificent speakers in an attempt to find more manageable replacements for my Magnepan MG3. A single layer voice coil has a silver plated centre pole improving sensitivity which acts as a shorted turn, reducing the inductance of the primary winding.


Actually, it may well have the best bass of all models in the series, past and present. The treble becomes very much more bw even with bas recordings but you pay the price with a loss of PRAT and apparent resolution.

B&W Diamond loudspeaker |

So, here goes… Before I start rambling about the sound, I want to put v&w a small disclaimer. Of course the N had less bass, but it coped well, its bass being more agile and quick and also more tuneful. All of those things combined would certainly make the two speakers sound different, but is the new speaker actually “better”? Only one material on earth comes close to matching those properties: This is because they are slightly curved 8000d also leaning forward.

The same principle applies today. In Summary The D is a startling revision of an already excellent high-end full bandwidth design of striking appearance and superb build.

The original woven surroundless Kevlar cone housed in its round Marlan enclosure has changed little, but even here 800 have been improvements behind the scenes, for example a new strengthened basket structure. Not only does the use of such bling make for great ad copy, it also makes good engineering sense. Before I start rambling about the sound, I want to put up a small disclaimer.

The tube also has internal damping; the idea is that any rearward output from the drive unit travels down this tube and is absorbed, so none of it reflects back 80d the driver to corrupt the forward output. The Magnepans have been moved close to the rear wall.

One important change is to the twin bass drivers, which steal a leaf from the Focal. Again, my room may be to bb&w too, but the Maggies just sound more detailed, are more open, faster, and more articulate.

The absence of group 80d extends 800r the audible treble as well, where the high Q out of band resonances of lesser tweeters generates in band group delay i. This will contribute 800r more accurate timbral matching in multichannel arrays. Whatever the cause in the improvement over the previous models, which could occasionally sound a little wooden and pedestrian, was hard to ignore.

Henderson had brought along a favorite recording with very full, tight bass, with which he tried to optimize the s’ sound for maximum bass and without excessive bloom. As a whole, these are certainly among the best speakers I have heard. Log in or register to post comments. Intentionally, the design behaves asymmetrically on different axis, the idea being for different regions of the outer part of the cone to work in anti-phase at high frequencies, so that the effective radiating area of the cone reduces at the frequency being looked at rises.


Blues and jazz can be stunning. So there you have it, my reasons for trying the D: My initial listening was with Transparent cabling allround. It is the Marlan enclosure and the FST unit in bw&, that makes for a super-wide soundstage that can really float around the speakers. They also have to stand way into the room.

And I have always found much b&d favour of this driver. The Magnepans simply fail on this aspect. The one area of the speaker that has changed least, and which arguably should be first up for consideration when he next revision falls due, is the midband, the domain of the Kevlar FST fixed suspension driver which continues little changed from Nautilus days.

Against As demanding of amps as g&w is of your wallet careful system matching is vital. Just as an indication of what this can mean in practice. Garbage in, garbage out, right? Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier. They may have been out of duty for a while, while the previous owner enjoyed his new speakers but still, I made sure that I shook them loose poor neighbors and listened to lots of music over the coarse of two weeks before starting on this review.

Recording of August Bonus Recording of November They are that good.

The bass, finally, is where the Maggies have to bow to their masters.