Buddleja coriacea in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. We have Ian Barclay to thank for sharing with us his collection from high elevations in Peru of this distinctive Buddleia. Densely ranked leaves with a gleaming. Monographs Details: Buddleja coriacea Remy. Authority: Norman, E. M. Buddlejaceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. (Published by NYBG Press).

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However, these are most likely samples from vigorously growing branches or from plants which are more sheltered than the average. Anatomical and Morphological Structures see more detailsfuelwood fuelwood Subject Category: Disciplines, Occupations and Industries see more details and nomenclature nomenclature Subject Category: Organism Names see more details.

Some native forest species for the High Andes. Buddleja List Longstock Park Nursery. Disciplines, Occupations and Industries see more detailstrees trees Subject Category: Natural Processes see more detailsseeds seeds Subject Category: Organism Names see more detailseudicots eudicots Subject Category: Commodities and Products see more detailswoody plants woody plants Subject Category: Miscellaneous see more detailsphytogeography phytogeography Subject Category: Organism Names see more detailsSpermatophyta spermatophyta Subject Category: Foriacea scented inflorescences comprise 3—8 doriacea of head-like cymes, 0.


Continuing to use www. Natural Processes see more details.

Buddleja coriacea or kiswara tree in Calamarca village square, Bolivia

Organism Groups see more detailsviability viability Subject Category: Organism Names see more detailsLamiales lamiales Subject Coriscea We may also use digital footprint connection information such as your IP address and other technical identifiers, to collect usage data, click stream data, and information about the pages you visited and searched, to analyse usage for the purpose of enhancing and improving our service.

I observed three types of plants in a small population growing near the golf course in La Oroya, Peru. Don’t have an account?

Natural Processes see more detailsfodder plants fodder plants Subject Category: Anatomical and Morphological Structures see more detailsshade plants shade plants Subject Category: The upper surfaces of the leaves are dark-green and glabrous, contrasting with the undersides which are covered in a cinnamon -brown indumentum. There is also considerable variation in leaf size. By using this site, you agree to the Buddlejx of Use and Privacy Policy. Buddleja coriacea is a variable species.


Buddleja coriacea – Wikidata

The description is not diagnostic enough and without original material it is not possible to assign it to this species. Properties see more detailswindbreaks windbreaks Subject Category: The wood is useful for making charcoal, in construction, and in tool making.

We collect your name, email address, institutional affiliation and login credentials. Commodities and Products see more detailsfrost protection frost protection Subject Category: Retrieved from ” https: If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. Stamens subsessile, inserted mm below sinus, anthers 0.

Close Find out more. Habitats see more detailsharvesting harvesting Subject Category: Like most websites we use cookies. Buddleja oblongifolia Rusby Buddleja rhododendroides Kraenzl. Miscellaneous see more detailsdistribution and habit, uses, botanical description, a fruit and seed description, flowering flowering Subject Category: Miscellaneous see more detailsseed germination seed germination Subject Category: If you want to include your highlights and annotations you must: Corolla deep yellow turning orange, tubular-salverform, tomentulose outside, inside glabrous, tube 4.