A book titled “Brihad Vimana. Shastra” by Shri Bramhamuni. Parivrajaka was published in the year [1]. It contains verses in. Sanskrit (describing aircraft) . Vaimanika Shastra is a very strange illustrated book about ancient flying machines from Hindu India. Here you can download the PDF and read. In fact he deferred the publication of Vimana Shastra and other ancient works The information on Yantra Vimana Shastra published in in the .. one with the hindi translation is called brihad vimana shastra (the larger.

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So I decided to understand the technology used in the vimana.

Did Ancient Indians Actually Fly Aircrafts?

Of course the text retains a structure in language and content from which its ‘recent nature’ cannot be asserted. Neither am I a religious guy. Tech Probe Mahindra Treo. But science itself is self-corrective. In my pursuit to happiness, I share everything I’ve learnt on this blog.

Having said that, the basis of science is curiosity. Sharma to whom the text was originally dictatedand based on the linguistic analysis of the text, the review concluded that it came into existence sometime between and Articles containing Sanskrit-language text All articles that may contain original research Articles that may contain original research from January This can be explained on the basis of the fact that Shri Ellappa who made the drawings was in a local engineering college and was thus familiar with names and details of some machinery.

But reasoning is subjective to our senses, rules, understanding and limitations.

Josyer, Shastrz of the International Academy of Sanskrit Research in Mysore, in the course of an interview recently, showed some very ancient manuscripts which the Academy had collected. You just have to buy into the assumption that ‘channeling’ works. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks or boxesmisplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Indic text.


His parents died at a young age and he was diseased and in a poor state.

Mukunda In this paper, Mr. You can download Mr. Its existence was first announced publicly in a press release by G. He claimed that the manuscripts were several thousands of years old, compiled by ancient rishis, Bharadwaja, Narada and others, dealing, not with the mysticism of ancient Hindu philosophy of Atman or Brahman, but with more mundane things vital for the existence of man and progress of nations both in times of peace and war.

First off, if our Vyamanika Shastra was correct, why didn’t we, um, fly before the Americans? Again, in its introduction, BVS mentions that a few words did have a structure similar to that of the Vedic Sanskrit.

Ancient astronaut speculation Unidentified flying objects books Channelled texts Sanskrit texts. Just a curious fimana. We’ve cited the Journal where we’re getting this stuff from, so you can challenge them if you feel like it.

Did Ancient Indians Actually Fly Aircrafts?

Vimanx technical illustration based on the text Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore — H. It is brrihad the text was his own invention. He suggests that most part of the text looks very vague and not scientific by his standards.

In other words, they look like typical early 20th century fantasy flying machines with an Indian twist. All that may be said is that thematically the drawings ought to be ruled out of discussion. The paper talks further about more mechanical details about the fuel used in Vimanasthe types of Vimanas as described in the texts here.

India Did NOT Invent The World’s Oldest Plane. Here Is Proof!

Though there are advanced technologies in India we still do not understand the complicated techniques used by our ancestors. Venkatachala Sharma, but we have no idea where it came from before that. Not trying to judge anyone or pass my remarks on them or their studies.


A critical review brihae Josyer’s introduction to be “least scholarly by any standards” and said that “the people connected with publication — directly or indirectly — are solely to blame either for distorting or hiding the history of the manuscripts”, perhaps in an attempt to “eulogise and glorify whatever they can find about our past, even without valid evidence”.

They look like brutalist wedding cakes, with minaretshuge ornithopter wings and dinky propellers.

In his introduction, Hare writes. But to extrapolate ideas to either sides, needs talent, resources and humility. The sage Maharshi Bharadwaja?

Vaimānika Shāstra – Wikipedia

If there is a an ancient text that talks about weird flying objects and machinery, that should make the scientific mind curious. I got a proof that they used mercury as fuel for the aircraft, and the surprising fact that was revealed was they used gravity neutralization method, but the steps of constructing aircraft were not in the text books.

Subbaraya Shastry was a mystic from Anekalwho was reputed to speak out verses slokas whenever he got inspiration, described by Josyer as “a walking lexicon gifted with occult perception”. The paper however does not debunk or judge or even make any attempt to prove that the Vimanas existed or not, it just focuses on the scientific techniques explained in the texts and ends with it.