used 89 Brendella Shortline Comp which was my first boat. It was a good . dealers out there who really love this sport and know their stuff. In particular. There is a Ski Brendella Pro Comp for sale locally for $16, it mentioned that Ski Brendella boats were not known for . me to a MB Sports distributor. I had a 94 Brendella Pro Comp up until last year. It was a great boat but the wake was small even when weighted.

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He can create his own self-named beverage. My advice is wait it out a little bit and then lowball her when it doesn’t sell right away. Reason for selling is looking for bigger boat. In my experience women seem to be more intimidated and afraid driving an outboard as compared to an inboard.

Brendella is a west coast boat, MB is what they are called now because they are made by Mike Brendella. Also after looking at some pictures of the brendella it does ride very bow low. Optional 2 person tube, wakeboard, ropes etc. Otherwise, its a great running and performing engine- barely a tick off the performance of the GT40, as they essentially share the same longblock.

That’s pretty incredible MFG backing.

A man of many talents. Oil changes always done and all gauges work as well.

Convice me, SNOB vs. Brendella – Forums – Page 1

Spogt they help you here with any inboard but sooner than later you’ll want to be in a CC. That being said, our Sport Nautique is one of my favorite boats of all time.

Adjusting driving style is part of the game when you switch from IO or outboard to inboard, but keeping your passengers dry might keep the family from disliking the new boat.


She says it books at 11, without trailer but thats not the figures Im coming up with. You will also probably find it difficult to get a totally unbiased opinion here. This is a very nice and rare Ski Brendella Pro Comp ski boat. This boat only has hrs on it and looks and runs great. Not sure I’ve seen an OB Brendella and hp seems fishy for a The boat has a cavitation plate, navigation lights along with all other electronics work. It has always been stored in a shop never in the weather.

I am comparing it to a 93 Brendella which is just as clean, hrs, propass, and has tandem axle brdndella, covers, bimini top etc.

It is VERY easy to take a roller over the bow of my nautique, and it doesnt have the dipped nose, I would be more inclined to go with the sport as it will probably keep the water out when you encounter your first wake board boat wake. I really like this boat but the trailer issue is killing me. Model 20 Pro Comp.

Dealer POP Yachts 1. This boat also comes with a beautiful trailer. Trailer is in excellent shape, tires like new, all lights work. As a previous Procraft Fish-n-Ski boat owner with a Mariner on it yes I know it’s a bass boat brenddella I’d say go with the inboard sorely on the basis that you are wanting to cover all watersport aspects.

Looks like any wave over 12 inches is coming in if you are not under power. All lights and pumps work perfect. Are you sure on the berndella I am ready to get my next boat now and have always wanted an inboard. I’ll do more checking on the engine and hp rating. MC had EFI in I live on the lake, so we can pop the boat in for your test drive.


Convice me, SNOB vs. Brendella

Tires are fairly new on trailer and it has surge brakes. This boat is powered by a V8 Mercruiser direct drive. Just depends what you can afford I suppose. The boat rides on a single axle matching trailer. Amazingly the guy I know with a ’96 was able to send it to MB for a warranty stringer replacement last year! Just my 2 cents The sloping front ends do look kinda of cool, if it were a closed bow, that open bow is going to get wet.

NADA bites for boats Ford PCM with 1: Will only trade for a 4 door wrangler. Hull is clean and polished and hardly a mark on her.

The sport hull is basically a stretched NWZ no wake zone era hull that was standard on all Ski Nautiques from Fort Worth, TX Status: Spoet has onboard shower and a heater for driver and passenger. The trailer is included has been upgraded to make it more user friendly.

Ski Brendella Boats for sale

Guys, I think that Brendella will have the same motor as the sport. There’s plenty more boats for sale and lots of desperate people trying to sell them. True thanks for the reminder.

Perfect slalom bendella, pretty good wakeboard boat. Has a heavy duty canvas cover for traveling protection. Test drive the 2 and it you don’t see why the CC is better then just get the ski boat ith a tandem trailer. This is true for the Ski Nautique and Sport Nautique