Blowback has ratings and reviews. Gary said: This author keeps coming up with ways to keep the story fresh. In a James Rollins/Dan Brown type.. . Archaeologists make a stunning discovery in a pass high in the French – Italian Alps, but do not live to tell the tale. A year later, Islamic. Blowback by Brad Thor – Scot Harvath’s counterterrorism career has just crashed and burned—thanks in part to a ruthless senator with her sights set on the.

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It’s a great premise — a biological weapon that once threatened the Roman Empire is back with the potential to wipe out huge parts of the world.

I was looking forward to it with much enthusiasm, it having won a prestigious “best thriller of the year” award, and it IS a great yarn – but is buried under an avalanche of dizzying detail. In tunnels, Jill slays Assassin on point of killing Scot. Though his face is not seen, the American Flag patch on his camouflaged fatigues is.

While I found his antics a little too much to believe in this book, I found myself engaged by the storyline. It was full of historical references, coupled with tense actions scenes.

They are checking up on some Christian missionaries who haven’t been heard of but are blowbadk to find half the village dead from a horrible, flu like disease with some very nasty symptoms. He must also stop his arch enemy Khalid Sheik Alomari, a high-ranking al-Qaeda operative and ruthless assassin.


I found myself openly rooting against the protagonist. Possible 1 “unintended consequences of failed foreign policy or botched covert action”, 2 “CIA agent or operation turned against creators” – before Prologue.

If you are a fan of Ludlum, you may like Brad Thor. The inclusion of the reference makes the novel all the more dramatic. Alomari is killing Muslim scientists who may have unlocked the key to a devastating super weapon. The new wrinkle in this story is the ambitions of a U.

This is the second Brad Thor book I have read.

Blowback | Book by Brad Thor | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Mar 04, Andrew Kendall rated it really liked it. In this thriller, counter-terrorism operative, Scot Harvath, sets out to prevent a Muslim caliphate from becoming a reality by stopping a virus from wiping out all non-Muslims. This Harvarth guy will disappoint you.

Apr 18, Ru rated it really liked it. I actually listened to it on Audible which made it come to life even more. I get to imagine Brit accents, desert heat, sand wonderful in snowy cold Canada.

BLOWBACK – Brad Thor

However, when he meets an old girlfriend’s new boyfriend, Harvath sprouts a bro’-boner: Could we do away with the female suitors who inevitably never work out but reappear anyway?

Other books in the series. Open Preview See a Problem? I enjoyed learning of Scott Harvath’s newest mission and finding out bllwback he takes care of business. I was a little skeptical when I started reading this book because recommendations for Brad Thor had come from people who also liked Brad Meltzer and Andrew Gross and Thro found their work to be less satisfying that I would have liked.


Author Thor makes history Fascinating, real.

There’s also an unbelievable amount of villains popping up suddenly when they are being talked about. Middle Eastern politics, mixed in with historical war figures and bioterrorism from books over years old. Beyond this veneer of hoo-rah American Nationalism lies the kernel of a good action thriller.

Same Assassin sets up ‘accident’ for next on list from employer Skorpion, Master Villain. That’s a neighbor’s kid. Blowback Scot Harvath Book 4 Author s: He bloowback friends he can call upon to open any door in Washington. You’d be surprised how long ancient poisons remain lethal” p Thor did bring his character back to reality a couple of times, when right in blowbacj middle of dangerous stunts he would wonder where his life was heading and if he was taking his career too seriously.