Open Source Project to clearly report, develop, advance the electrolyzer plans of Bob Boyce. Image:Bob Boyce electrolysis system sq wide 95xjpg. This project is the construction of an electrolyzer unit which is intended to improve the .. Bob Boyce has recently stated that he has run a cc twin- cylinder. Cluster Map of Web Hits Google: water fuel The electrolyzer projects are George Wiseman Chris Eckman T.V. Prevenslik Horace Heffner Bob Boyce Stan .

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He inserted a bifilar wound, ferrite rod, transformer into the circuit to produce the voltage spikes. The water should be cool because the chemical reaction between the water and the KOH generates a good deal of heat ….

Water as FUEL

He achieves a massively increased gas production rate by using an electrolyser with a large number of cells in it. The EVO contains the equivalent of about billion electrons and thousand ions.

However, the material is somewhat expensive. There were newspaper articles in Texas describing him running his car on water. After an EVO strike, the crater region of the target exhibits elements that were not present in the original anode or cathode material. Todd Knudston, George Wiseman. And a second post in the same thread: The ideas might help explain how charged water gas clusters could contain excessive energy.


Vessels floating on water need no fuel tanks.

On the charging up side the ions are pulled out of the dielectric and moved towards projevt metal electrodes. Again, these components call for very careful, high-quality construction as is common for most successful free-energy devices.

Mistakes here will cause field errors that will lower the overall efficiency.

This is the level of current which the primary windings have to prpject, so the wire size can be selected from this measurement. The choice of current density is made by the builder of the electrolyser and it will be influenced by the size and cost projecg the inverter chosen to drive the electrolyser and the allowable current draw from the battery.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Inertia — Haisch, Puthoff, Rueda, Phys. The information is available for free download from his web site. When the oxide layer is only a few molecules thick, there can be a huge electric field across the e,ectrolyzer, which can manifest electron tunneling and proton acceleration. The three signals are then added together to produce a rich waveform which is then boosted and passed to his electrolysis cell:. The blue light photons are emitted when the excimers decompose during rarefaction.

Charged Water Gas Electrolyzers – ppt download

These ions are immediately hydrated. Many can clump together into a necklace-like formation. Bob uses two bubblers. Nobody seemed to care. Clearly, Bob was onto a good thing, so he investigated it further.


The process is not dissimilar to the vaporization of water which takes place naturally. Here is a video clip about the invention. The Proton Laboratory appears to be conducting the best research in the world regarding element transmutation.

Bob Boyce and the PWM3G

Surprisingly, brand new shiny stainless steel is not particularly suitable for use in an electrolyser and it needs to receive careful treatment and preparation before it will produce the expected level of gas output. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Boyce is a true humanitarian and has placed his system in the public domain in the hopes of helping the planet reverse global warming, end oil boyxe, and deliver free energy to the poor peoples electorlyzer the world. Free for all to experiment with. He would run the electrolyzer at 4 amps DC for several hours, and the electrodes would emit the brownish crud.

D electrloyzer 10 The First Law of Thermodynamics states that the total energy of a thermodynamic system remains constant although is may be transformed from one form to another.