By Lisa Alther Blood Feud: The Hatfields And The Mccoys: The Epic Story Of Murder And Vengeance () [Paperback] on *FREE* shipping on. From the bestselling author of KINFLICKS and KINFOLKS comes BLOOD FEUD, a riveting new narrative history of America’s most infamous fighting families, the. Blood Feud by Lisa Alther – book cover, description, publication history.

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Odd mix of blooe author’s personal views and family connection to the McCoys, rehashing of the Hatfield-McCoy feud chronology, followed by analysis of other Appalachian feuds.

I could tell that the His Really a 3. Oct 19, Jeff Jellets rated it really liked it Shelves: I wanted to give this book four stars, but I felt some of the information added at the end was superfluous.

Blood Feud: The Hatfields and the McCoys: The Epic Story of Murder and Vengeance –

The many accounts finally gets so twisted and turned around that even the hope of a coherent time-line losa be abandoned.

This fostered bounty hunting and poured gasoline on the fire of the feud with the McCoys now feeling it was fair game to drag Hatfields across the border or shoot them as fugitives if they resisted. Many of the Hatfields were loyal to the confederacy.

To me, if you don’t understand what the mountains themselves bring to the situation, you have failed to understand the “why” of feuding at all.

Alther w Having watched the series on the History Channel, I was wanting to learn more.

So do I hold the author blameless? Jul 08, Claudia rated it really liked it.

While there is some favor to the McCoys, the book does try lusa a even handed account. This book covers one of the most well-known atlher of American history that we actually know very little about in terms of the altyer. The local public officials influenced the feud; they were sometimes related to one family or the other, and so were highly partisan in how they dealt with the feud, rubbing salt into the wounds that already existed rather than being peacemakers.


Her interest in this subject is drawn from her experiences of growing up in Tennessee and from her very distant by marriage connection to the McCoy family. Lisa Alther was born and raised in the Appalachian town of Kingsport, Tennessee just 75 miles, as the crow flies, from the Tug Fork Valley, where the feud took place.

Each side in the feud lays claim to its own version of events. Alther provides in depth character studies of the main players and dispels any misconception that this was a Romeo and Juliet story. About Alther, Lisa Lisa Alther was born in the Appalachian town of Kingsport, Tennessee, and is the author of six bestselling novels, which have appeared in fifteen languages and sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

Bliod in reud mix of why the violence exploded as it did is the landscape itself, and blpod hardship, isolation, and independence it brings to the picture. It’s possible there’s a better, more definitive work on the feud out there somewhere, and someone with more interest might do better to seek it out. View all 4 comments. Even taking alhher bias into an account, Devil Anse does not sound like a father I would want.

Trivia About Blood Feud: While Alther does go slightly off topic in sections, I found the connection of the feud to some of the more recent history in the area as well as the connection to industrialization to be rather interesting.

Blood Feud

My sympathies lay with Ranel McCoy, who lost many of his family members, all because he was trying to obey her wife’s advice to ‘turn the other cheek’ which went very badly, and he ended up being a ferryman who tried to tell his woeful story to anyone who hadn’t bored by it. Alther would have been better leaving the pop-psychology to herself.

I was actually glad when the accounting of the feud was over, just because I knew I didn’t have to strain my brain anymore. You can understand why a McCoy might describe an encounter Although this book is written by a distant descendant of the McCoy family, it does not suffer from partisanship that other books on this feud written by descendants suffer from.


Jun 13, Jill rated it really liked it. It goes beyond supplying knowledge and provides understanding and a dash of wisdom on this complex phenomenon. Its legend continues to have an enormous impact on the popular imagination and the region. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The second half of the book includes supposed analysis of other feuds in the area at the same time, mention of the survivors of this feud, and three chapters that supposedly gave insight into both the area and the people of the time.

Want to Read saving…. She did not oversimplify the feud or the time in which it took place. Hearsay is not evidence. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Perhaps that is a good thing for anyone reading fictional non-fiction.

The first half of Ms Alther’s book was interesting, but as even she admits, the stories that accompany every incident in the long years of the feud are many and varied. The Hatfields and the McCoys: Though I getting a story about Cap Hatfield torturing animals from a McCoy descendent does make one question the story’s truth.

Blood Feud: The Hatfields and the McCoys: The Epic Story of Murder and Vengeance by Lisa Alther

As a result, the intended audience of this book is not necessarily the historian, but someone who enjoys the subject of history, and who has altuer causal interest in this subject. I didn’t look at the footnotes at all, but it’s nice knowing that they’re there.

I am re-examining the competitive spirit of While I enjoyed the back stories of Abner Vance and the border wars during the War Between the States and England and Scotland, as well as the presentation of the borderland folkways, I felt as if the author’s true purpose was in her attempt to lay her fear of the Cumberlands with her ancestry. Books by Lisa Alther.