projects targeted for use with Analog Devices’ family of Blackfin processors. The site is based on an open source project known as. Although the majority of people use the Blackfin toolchain to compile. avahi – Avahi is a system which facilitates service discovery on a local network.

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I have moved this question from the Blackfin Processors community to the Linux Distribution for Blackfin community. We have selected Oracle Virtual Box to run Linux. Linux Distribution blackfln Blackfin requires membership for participation – click to join.

Linux Distribution for Blackfin – EngineerZone

We have been using coLinux 0. The next question is, which Linux? The coLinux package that Mike put together was Debian. Hi Wojtek, thank you for your continuous engagement and effort with Blackfin Linux, so far ubuntu version Ubuntu setup was noticeably faster than Debian.


I have discovered that coLinux will not run under Windows 7 which my new computer hasso I need a new solution. Concerning Blackfin itself, we are still im patiently waiting for the Blackfin with GbE on chip Also, we have some customers that develop their own software for uClinux and are not necessarily Linux “savvy”, so a straight forward development solution is preferred.

We’ve been using coLinux under Windows XP successfully for several years to develop our product that runs uClinux on a Blackfin. My question is this: Our goal is to cross-develop for Blackfin in the simplest possible way. What is the best development environment for Blackfin uClinux development? It was a great package.

Blackfin –

So we are on our way! Many thanks to Mike. Please continue the discussion here.

Best Blackfin uClinux development environment for Windows 7. And I don’t think so far we have solid support plan for using Linux in windows.

Getting started (Blackfin uClinux)

We want something simple without bells and whistles. Site Search Log in. Would you recommend Debian or should we try something else? Thank you — Wojtek.


Hi Dave, In blackfjn we would always recommend customer to do Linux development in Linux environment, as a trade off they may install Linux host on a virtual machine in windows.

I would recommend you to try this. Having such a Blackfin would definitely cure our after-hours Sitara or Keystone dreams.

Dave mounted our coLinux images under Ubuntu, made a few tweaks to fstab, PATH, etc, and he managed to compile the image 2. Now we need to migrate. EngineerZone Uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience in our community.

Linux Distribution for Blackfin.