Jewish Practice Mitzvahs & Traditions Prayer Jewish Prayers Grace After Meals Birkat Hamazon: Grace After Bread (Bentching). Birkat Hamazon or Birkat Hammazon known in English as the Grace After Meals is a set of Hebrew blessings that Jewish Halakha (“collective body of Jewish. Birkat Hamazon can be said sitting at the same table or in view of the same table where the meal was eaten. At weddings or Shabbat meals, it is often said.

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This benediction is recited over foods which are preceded by the benedictions boreh pri haetz, boreh pri ha’adamah or shehakol O. The people respond with baruch sheachalnu mishelo uv’tuvo chayinu. Traditionally, the cover of the bencher is customized to reflect the event. Birchat Kohanim Priestly Blessing. Before the closing formula, there is an insertion for Sabbaths, Rosh Chodesh, or festivals.

A Zimmun of biirkat is called a Zimmun B’Shem. There are also SephardicYemenite and Italian versions. According to the one opinion in the Talmud Berakhot 49bthere are special versions of the zimmun if birkat hamazon is said by nirkat least one hundred, one thousand or ten thousand seated at one meal.

Blessing over Bread Ha’Motzi. At the conclusion of birkat hamazona further seven special blessings are recited. Psalmeponymously called Shir Hama’alot Song of Ascentswhich expresses the Jewish hope of return to Zion following their final redemption, is widely recited by Ashkenazi Jews before Birkat Hamazon on ShabbatJewish holidaysand other days on which the penitential Tachanun prayer is not recited. Prayer for the State of Israel.

Sapphire from the Land of Israel: Prayer of a Physician. At later meals, or on Rosh Chodesh or Chol Hamoednothing need be done.


Although the practice is based on a ruling recorded in the Talmud, whether or not this ruling is still binding is a matter of dispute among various Orthodox communities, given that the practice of eating with girkat and forks seems to remove the practical reason for it. Shacharit Preparation Birkot hashachar Akeida Offerings. Again if there are ten or more adults present the word eloheinu is added after barukh. None of these variations is ever used in practice: When those present at the meal form a minyan a quorum nirkat ten adult Jewish men there are further additions to the invitation.

According to the Mishnah Berurahthis does not fulfill the terms of the obligation at all; but according to the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Download our mobile hamazkn for on-the-go access to the Jewish Virtual Library.

Unlike in Conservative or Reform Judaismeven Orthodox authorities who hold that women can form a zimmun maintain that one cannot be formed from a combination of men and women.

Jewish Prayers: Grace After Meals

However, as with the other services, other prayers were added in time, such as the series of short prayers beginning with harachaman. If a Kohen is present he should be given the hamaxon O. The first paragraph of the Birkat. It is held that this, though a chovah duty[9] is not bigkat mitzvah a commandmentas the practice was instituted for health reasons specifically, to avoid the danger of touching the eyes with harmful salts. Birkat hamazon is typically read to oneself after ordinary meals and often sung aloud on special occasions such as the Shabbat and festivals.

This practice is called mayim acharonim final waters.

On Hanukkah and Purim the special prayer al hanisim assigned for these holidays is recited between the two paragraphs. The first and simplest is baruch atah adonai eloheinu hamaaon haolam boreh n’fashot rabot v’chesronan al kol ma shebarata l’hachayot bahem nefesh kol chai, baruch chat haolamim.


Birkat Hamazon – optimized for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

Such authorities disagree, however, on the appropriateness of women leading a zimmun in the presence of men or of three men. Jewish Theological Seminary of America These are said silently out of consideration for any poor people who may be present at the table. Prayer of Thanks for Good News. There is a practice in many Orthodox communities to wash the hands before reciting birkat hamazon. Some practice it as a binding halachahothers as an optional custom, and others do not practice it at all.

The practice of a cup of blessing is mentioned in the Talmud. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat An abbreviated form is sometime used when time is lacking. The most widely available is the Ashkenazic. Prayer for the Israel Defense Forces. Birkot hashachar Akeida Offerings. Views Read Edit View history. The leader calls the people together with rabotai n’varechand they respond with yehi shem adonai m’voach meatah v’ad olam.

The conclusion of this benediction, l’olam al y’chasrenumarks the end of the statutory Grace after meals. This helps establish the proper mood for the ritual.

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If ten or more adults are present the word eloheinu is added after n’varech. Hebrew words and phrases Jewish prayer and ritual texts Jewish blessings Positive Mitzvoth. This benediction has two paragraphs:.