Bidayat al-hidayah (Beginning of Guidance) {بداية الهداية} By Imam Ghazali {امام غزالي} Arabic Editions Bidayat al-hidayah fi al-adab. Bidayat al Hidayah was written by Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al- Ghazālī during his last days. It is a guidebook describing the principles of getting . بداية الهداية ويليه: عقيدة الإمام الغزالي. BIDAYAT AL-HIDAYAH + ‘AQIDAT AL- IMAM AL-GHAZZALI. AUTHOR. Imam Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad al-Ghazzali (d.

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So he orders his activities throughout the day and night having something fbced to occupy at every hour. The condition of the soul and the gualities it has acquired determine the nature of the acts ofone’s bodily members. AU that is put in these two parts concerns the beginning of guidance, which is identical with the outward aspect of piety. There is no god but God alone; He has no partner; to Him belongs the bixayat and to Him belongs praise; Bidwyat gives life and al-hidayaah death, but himself is Ever Living Who never dies; in His hand lies all good, and He has the fullest power over everything.

When you have known the deep meaning and significance of fasting, do fast as much as you can, for it is the foundation of acts of devotion ‘ibadat and the key of bisayat works by which a man is drawn near to God. Visions of Reality UK. At that time you have to follow the Cf.

The deed is so embellished that it is like a bride being conducted to her husband. Consider, then, which of your affairs is important — [a] to leara how to guard against these destructive qualities, to occupy yourself with the improvement of your mind and to prepare for your happiness in the Hereafter; [b] or a-hidayah engage with others in seeking such knowledge as causes an increase in pride, ostentation, envy and conceit, hidayat that you will perish along with those who perish.

Zr6 the call adhan to the Sunset Prayer, make the responses to it and after this supphcate: Avoid touching your genitals after the ablution you have made for washing the body; if your hand comes in contact with them, repeat the ablution.


Dollar Euro Pounds Sterling. Then, after making the responses to the mu ‘adhdhin as well as to he cal for the actual start of the Sunset Prayer igamaperform he obligatory rak’as of this prayer. Maktabat Dar al-Daqqaq Syria. Then, moistening your hands, wipe all over your head, keeping the finger-tips of right and left hands close together, placing them on the fore part of the head and moving them back to the nape of the neck and then forward again.

On completion ap-hidayah this inward aspect, one will obtain knowledge through mystical intuition. After the Late-afternoon Prayer until the sun-set, occupy yourself only with the activities similar to those which are recommended above al-hudayah be done after the Noon Prayer. This is the grade of those who will be destroyed in the Hereafter al-halikun.

He devoted a complete chapter of his Qut, II, pp. Al-Ghazali states the requirements of outward piety in each of these ritual prayers and in one’s proceeding towards the mosque, entering it, staying inside it even though for a little while, and coming out of it.

Bidayat al hidayah by imam al ghazali | Hazim Aieryl –

Concerning the reward of taking responsibility for an orphan, the Prophet said that in Paradise his own rank and that of one who takes the responsibi- lity of an orphan will be as close bjdayat two fingers. Do not, through mere scrupulosity, pour more water than is necessary, for the scrupulous have a Satan called the Walhan who plays with them. His walk to the mosque, his intention, and his mental states are all in the path of God. When you wash your face supplicate: Cursing Beware of cursing anything which God exalted is He!

Bidayat al Hidayah by Imam al Ghazali

God, bless Muhammad, his family and his companions, and greet them all. When you have completed the acquisition of really useful know- ledge and have also completed the task of reforming yourseif outwardly and inwardly, and you still have some free time, there is no harm in spending it in the study of the schools of Islamic jurisprudence in order to know the less common details with regard to the acts of devotion to God, and the method of mediation between men when the following of passions leads them into quarrel.


Beware, again, beware of being ‘below Standard’!

It can be satisfied only with married wives and slave women. There is great merit in this.

For this reason the Prophet may God bless him and greet him! God, in this morning I bisayat unable to repel that which I dishke and to gain that for which I hope. JJ God, bless Muhammad and his family and his companions, and greet them all.

The use of the aal-hidayah for these purposes amounts to the This is the fourteenth ‘book’ of The Revival divided into seven long chapters. Four alternative excellent ways of passing the major part of the day are discussed in gradation of merit, and in this 7 This fails outside the scope of the present work.

Try to multiply your treasures against the day of your poverty [i. Then take a handful of water for your face and with it wash from the beginning of the flattening of the forehead to the eiid of the protuberance of the chin, up and down, and from ear to ear aeross. Perfect fasting, however, is something more.


First place your knees on the ground, then your hands, then your forehead uncovered; place your nose on the ground along with your forehead. Satan is always trying to entice fools to evil presented in the guise of good. He was appointed by the Prophet the religious instructor and judge of the Yemen.

Take notice that in this book Bidaywt give you counsel by a brief explanation of the outward aspect of piety in both its parts. After cleansingthe mouth with the tooth-stick, sit for ablution in araised place, facingthe direction of the Ka’ba in Mecca, so that the splashes do not reach you, and supplicate: In this connection al-GhazalT points out three aims of seeking religious knowledge, two of which are condemned by him as wrong.