On Josephus in the Biblical Errancy newsletter: McKinsey: “This passage is so obviously spurious that it is astonishing to find a single theologian left in our time . The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy has 34 ratings and 4 reviews. Josh said: Anyone who claims themselves to be Christian needs to read this book, and b. This important new volume is the most comprehensive critique of the Bible ever written. Author C. Dennis McKinsey believes that Americans.

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I hope to have shown in this essay that despite all of the bluster and despite the many allegations of error and contradiction, there is not one convincing case for an error in the autographa. As we have shown elsewhereDeut.

Why make these topics second-tier?

Dennis McKinsey

A Reference Guide C. First, it is generally dated around AD — much too late to prove what McKinsey wants it to prove.

In his newsletter a letter-writer made McKinsey aware of this fact, and his response speaks for itself. Dennis McKinsey believes that Americans have only seen or heard the good things about the Bible, without any exposure to its many shortcomings.

No, of course not: First, the student should not be overwhelmed or intimidated by the bravado of many skeptics. I doubt if a textual critic like Bruce Metzger or Emmanuel Tov would have been similarly denniw. We consider that between these items every one of McKinsey’s objections are answered and every concern he presents is alleviated.

At best McKinsey shows the inadequacies of certain analogies used to explain the Trinity, but until he confronts the Wisdom concept, he is addressing nothing but inadequate modern conceptions and problems with modern terminology. It seems rather convenient that McKinsey feels free to draw lines around sources in this fashion, deciding based on his own rules not academic ones what is or is not acceptable.

He is entirely refuted here. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The interpretations we have offered of John 2: In this regard he quotes two highly irrelevant authorities: Both views can be found in first-century Judaism, and Paul does not specify which one he holds.


According to another account by Tacitus these gardens were the refuge of those whose homes had been burned and were full of tents and wooden sheds. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

The same polemical advantage is gained by quoting the likes of Paine, Ingersoll, etc. I write this paragraph for skeptics: Expect problems here and there, and don’t be surprised if these problems are not solved easily.

The issue was never whether there was some “official” ordinance or law that established what a Sabbath’s day journey was. Perhaps new information will mkcinsey to light which helps one to make a more informed judgement.

Two of these we have covered in our major essay linked above.

C. Dennis McKinsey, Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy refuted

I personally wished that McKinsey would have explored the options and presented his findings to the readers so that his argument’s strength could be fairly evaluated. No, the greater number of extant manuscripts does not make the problems greater; we do not find incidences of mss.

Many people Christians deride this book without ever having read it. And when this 20th century ideal is violated, the litany against Scripture begins. For more on this, see this article.

In the Introduction by E. But we don’t have the originals. Dennis McKinsey believes that Americans have only seen or heard the good things about the Bible, without any exposure to its many shortcomings.

We have covered some of these in detail elsewhere or else they are extremely simple: We do assert that Jesus did know the future, but as for those he spoke to – does McKinsey realize how common crucifixion was in the ancient Roman world? All others are mere foot soldiers. McKinsey also confounds the issue by demanding “biblical confirmation” of such sacrifices; it is hardly necessary that such evidence MUST be found in the Bible to be true, and until McKinsey deals with the evidence outside the Bible critically, rather than simply ignoring it, his arguments are of no merit.

It’s not just the problem of evil that baffles the secularist This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Used to ask how Moses could have written the Pentateuch. Certainly, if even a fraction of his polemics above are true, then we believers have at best a shaky historical foundation for our faith, and at worst our faith is a delusion. Loaded with thousands of biblical citations, The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy vividly proves the Bible to be its own worst enemy.


Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Item 10 objects that “the Roman authorities had no reason to inflict special punishment on the new faith. In the case of Dennis McKinsey, he fails entirely doing the latter.

The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy by C. Dennis McKinsey

See Glenn Miller’s work on this subject and here. No Jew would have interpreted this to mean that he would one day look out the window and see Jesus riding by on a cloud. Then all mcminsey disciples forsook him, and fled. Does Jesus Judge or Not? Unfortunately, given the flexible nature of human discourse, whether written or spoken, it is actually much more work to reasonably assert a discrepancy in Scripture than skeptics seem to appreciate.

As far as his remark that apologists love the copying error excuse because there is no way that it can definitely be checked, I find myself in the bizarre situation of being psychoanalyzed by a man who has never met me. Seth rated it really liked it Feb 24, This must be done so that deductions and contentions concerning the evidence bbilical be errancj from my assumptions. The above demonstrates the flexibility of human discourse and speech.

The language expresses symbolically the exaltation of the Son of Man, which the high priest did indeed live to “see” in the Resurrection and in the foundation of the new community of believers.

However, a large amount of people do think that scripture is inerrant–and this volume indicates that they are dead wrong.