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Jaai Panch Dokh Niradokh Mokh Paavai KaisayGurmukhi Sahaj Santokh Hui Achhot Hai 19 8 A person who has all the five senses of knowledge and is also deeply infected by the five vices of relishment, smell, hearing, touch and seeing, how gurdsa he achieve salvation that is viceless. Bhagavat Kadaa Arapan Kau DhaaraneekaLikhat Kritaas Gurdss Bandh Mokhadaai Hai Paper made of kritas leaf considered to be impious when used for recording the praises and paeans of the Lord, becomes capable of freeing one from the bondage of repeated births.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib Translation in Punjabi by Professor Sahib Singh

Naihar Koutanb Taji Biaahay Sasuraar JaaiGounanu Kai Kulaabadhoo Birad Kahaavaee Just as a girl leaves her parent’s house after getting married and earns a respectable name for herself and her husband’s family by virtue of her good traits; ‘ ‘ ‘ 1: Praym Ras Anmrit Nidhaan Paan Pooran HuiOunaman Ounamat Bisam Bisvaas Hai When a devotee meditating on His name is satiated with the drinking of loving nectar of Lord’s name, he devotee enjoys supernatural ecstatic feeling in higher spiritual planes.

Report this product Report this app to Microsoft Thanks for reporting your concern. India – English Are you looking for Microsoft Store in: He makes his present a success by perpetual contemplation on His name. Fixed many random crashes on Android Pie. It loses its worldly importance. But a rare person has understood the intensity of the blessing of Guru’s teaching and happiness it gives.

Available on PC Mobile device. Niraahaar Niraadhaar Nirankaar NirabikaaraNihachal Nihabhraati Nirabhai Niraasee Hai He is free of all desires of taste, not dependent on the grace of gods and goddesses, transcendental of form, independent of all support, free of vices and doubts, fearless and stable of mind.


He gives up all other futile talks.

Bhai Gurdas Ji Vaaran – Various Steeks – GURBANI | SCRIPTURES | REHAT | HISTORY – SIKH SANGAT

They approach the hermits as renouncers. As in the game of Chaoparh where two dice are used and often fall favourably, one can achieve salvation from repeated births by keeping and adopting the company of godly men. People living in the three traits of maya are entangled in debating about the worldly and spiritual knowledge. Gurbani is the Light to illuminate this world; by His Grace, it comes to abide within the mind. United States – English? It acquires a darkish hue and slight bitterness. This app can Access your Internet connection and act as a server.

Keyboard to type in Gurmukhi. Jaisay Kachhap Dhari Dhiaan Saavadhaan KaraiTaisay Maataa Pitaa Preeti Soutu N Lagaavaee Just as a she tortoise bears its young ones in sand and takes care of them till they are sufficiently capable of looking after themselves, such love and concern for parents cannot be the characteristic of a child. He is never touched by happiness or sorrow in this state. All his expectations and desires vanish and his mind does not waver any more.

He acknowledges the presence of ggurdas Lord in the form of soul in every one. Tireeaa Tiaag Sout Jaat Ban Khand BikhaiSout Kee Surati Grih Aai Soukh Paavaee Just as a labour woman leaves her child home under labit and goes to the jungle to pick up firewood, but keeps the memory of her child in the mind and finds comfort on returning home;2: InstaBeauty Selfies Rated 3. He becomes bereft of caste pride and is able to remove all labit of high and low from his mind.

Such a devotee never harbours any feeling of deceit, falsehood or ill deeds. Even the six philosophical scriptures do not have the glory and grandeur of the divine rad ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 1: Thus his love for his Lord is beyond description. It is put through a crusher to obtain its juice that is heated and converted into jaggery cakes and sugar crystals; ‘ ‘ 2: By becoming one with Lord, he realises the presence of the divine light in the beings. The sgeek feels tired of making salutations to Him repeatedly and saying-Thou art infinite!


Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan

Gurxas Samaadhi Keeratan Gur Sabad KaiAnahad Naad Garajat Ounamaaneeai Acquiring a stable state of contemplation and meditation in the holy congregation, the continuous melody that is heard within should be regarded as sound of thunder of the clouds. He adopts silence and is free from all other desires. Millions of adulations crave for their praise and seek their refuge.

That results in perpetual and bhia meditation on Naam. On the contrary a Guru-conscious person is friendly and of good dispositions. He lives in the service of holy men and becomes a hbai servant of the Guru by accepting the teachings of the True Gur’ 7 ‘ 7 19 0 4: How can one discern what happens to the soul when it leaves the body? These two emotions do not influence him.

Company of the Sikhs of the Guru is truth but all this reality can be accepted only by becoming an obedient Sikh. Chatur Pahar Din Jagati Chatur JougaNisi Mahaa Paralai Samaani Din Prati Hai In the four epoch world, consider the four quarters of day of life and the four quarters of night as great calamity, a game that is being played regularly. It is because they are perpetually practicing meditation on Lord’s name. Chatur Padaarad Trikaal Tribhavan ChaahaiJog Bhog Surasar Saradhaa Sansaar Hai All the four desirable goals-dharam, arth, kam and mokh, three times past, present and future desire refuge of such a devotee.

Business Calendar to manage your appointments with Google Account. Biralo Bibaykee Jan Paraoupakaar HaytiMilat Salil Gati Rang Srabang Bhoot Kau Such a rational and knowledgeable Sikh is very rare who for the sake of benevolence becomes humble like water and unites with the people of all denominations. Jaisay Ghrit Jaahee Jaahee Paak Saak Sang MilaiTaisay Taiso Svaad Ras Rasanaa Chakhaavaee As a mimic has a definite character of his own adopts different characters for mimicry but he is known gyrdas the character that he is mimicking at that moment, ‘2: But base wisdom emanates foul smell from the mouth as a result of ill and bad words spoken.