View Notes – wheelockkey from LATIN at University of Texas, Arlington. http :/ Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answer http:/ Wheelock’s books to order, as well as a great list of helpful links. Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers – A free answer key for Wheelock’s exercises. 5 days ago looking for, from the many other titlesof Wheelock Latin Workbook Answer Key Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers – A Wheelock Answer Key.

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Since the city was full of guards, you did not dare to undertake crimes so grievous as you had wished. Who had been ordered at that time to free Greece from fear, defend the families, and whelock the enemy from the fatherland?

This is difficult; but whatever it is wrong to correct is made less burdensome by patience. The father began to move money out of Greece into his own country, for his family wanted to go away. What is the nature of the soul? After the riches were handed over, alas, those philosophers suddenly set out into exile on the same nightfrom which they were never able to leave. At that time after Syracuse was captured, Marcellus sent many things to Rome; but he left behind many and the most beautiful things in Syracuse.

Please, warn me if I err. You would err less, if you should now what you do not know. No one who is a slave to the body is free.


Now you cannot live with us any longer; do not stay; we will not bear it. I’m a graduate student studying Latin independently to fulfill language requirements for my Master’s program.

As you alone see it, the murders of many citizens have been unpunished and free. Use the eraser often; you are about to write a good little book. Now leave from the city so that I may not be suppressed by fear and weapons. If ever I will have enough money, at that time I shall give myself to wisdom and philosophy. Our neighbors immediately threw themselves onto their knees and praised all the gods in the world.

Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers

The senate ordered the leader not to harm the conquered enemy, but to spare them and give them a remission of punishment. We are wiser than those men, because we know that nature is the best guide. No abundance of money satisfies a greedy man. With these sad words announced, a faction of the enemy left behind their own two generals.

Metus eorum nunc possunt vinci quod facta nostra ab omnibus intelleguntur.

Without the gods and goddesses in the sky, the spirit cannot be sound. However, those slaves were seeking refuge and relief from their friends. The mother understood her son well, and the young man thanked her for her patience. I hate Persian pomp. Caesar will protect supporters of peace. Give our son and daughters a pardon.


Latin Aids

What good books did the blind poet recite yesterday? That man will always be a god, in my mind. My sons used to love my brother, they shunned me; they used to call me a bitter father and awaited my death. Themistocles then named all of the citizens and kept their names by keen memory.

Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers

A small number of the Greeks will be able to stay there tomorrow. The republic, as he says, can be destroyed by little books of this manner. The mother and father now live in the country so they may enjoy sweet relaxation from labors. If stricter and stronger guards had rushed to your house, oh, never would you have undertaken so many crimes and all these men would not have died.

We especially asked how much help the seven women were bringing and whether they were hesitating or soon helping us. Age often keeps the old from the center of affairs. Now I know why illustrious deeds are truly not the easiest. If the books of Cicero are pleasing to someone, let that man know that he has progressed.

Nos autem copias eorum in ea via nunc capiemus.