Many species in the genus Bauhinia have been actively introduced as ornamentals in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Synonyms: Bauhinia kappleri, Bauhinia krugii, Abrus monandra. Common Names: Pink Bauhinia, Butterfly Flower, Pink Orchid Tree, Butterfly Bauhinia. Bauhinia monandra Kurz Synonyms. Bauhinia persiehii , Southern Science Record ser. Bauhinia, Pink; Butterfly Flower; Pink Bauhinia.

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Blank experiment was also carried out to determine the absorbance of DPPH before interacting with the fraction. Please consider upgrading your browser to mobandra latest version or installing a new browser. In vitro studies in this work showed that ethyl acetate fraction of ethanolic leaf extract of B.

However, 4-hydroxy- 5-methylpropylhexanone with percentage concentration, A checklist of the nonandra vascular plant flora of Singapore: Pods slightly inflatednot flat, about x Napoleon’s cocked hat Madagascar: It has the potential to grow monandrz on drier and poor sites. Pods explosively dehiscent, throwing seeds in all directions. Flavonoids Alkaline Reagent Test: Chemical tests were carried out on the ethanolic extract of B.


The spectrum of the unknown component was compared with the spectrum of the component stored in the NIST library.

The ethyl acetate fraction was collected. In general, Bauhinia seeds contain high amounts of linoleic and oleic fatty acids and low amounts of myristic and linolenic fatty acids Connor, Curepe, Trinidad and Tobago: Commonly naturalised in the Cook pastoral district in far northern Queensland e. The relative concentration of the isolated component is indicated by the heights monanrra the peaks.

Space JC, Flynn T, a.

Bauhinia monandra

Bauhinia monandra Napoleon’s plume ; flowers and foliage. Both the upper and lower surfaces of the leaf blades clothed in simple, erect, pale brown hairs.

Innoculum of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella oxytoca and Escherichia coli was prepared according to Kirby-Bauer method. These restrictions may prevent the use of one or more of the methods referred to, depending on individual circumstances. Petals about cm long, distinctly clawed.

Title Seeds Caption Bauhinia monandra Napoleon’s plume ; seedpods and seeds. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. Sepals fused to form a spathe about mm long. This family includes about genera and 19, species which can be found throughout the world growing in a great variety of climates and environments Stevens, Taxonomic Tree Omnandra of page Domain: The suspension was swabbed on the surface of the prepared MHA plates.

  CAO BVE 2013 PDF

Bauhinia monandra

Links between animals and humans. The results of this studies demonstrated that folk monanddra can be as effective as modern medicine to combat pathogenic microorganisms.

Five 5 ml of aqueous extract was mixed in 2 ml of chloroform, and concentrated H 2 S0 4 3 ml was carefully added to form a layer. The total percentage concentration of the fatty acids in HFBM monandar The name, molecular weight and structure of the components of the test fraction were ascertained.

Fratres Borntraeger, pp Urban I, However, these species can be distinguished by their leaves having two separate leaflets, instead of being two-lobed. Fruits are pods slightly inflated, not flat, about x Bauhinia monandra Napoleon’s plume ; mature seedpods and leaves.

Leaf apex deeply retuse with a central bristle.