The Arcanum is a role-playing game by Bard Games. Like many early published systems, it closely followed the tropes of AD&D and other contemporary games. Bg Atlantean Trilogy the Arcanum Bookmarked 2nd Ed. – Ebook download as PDF File DIRGE Dark Modern Fantasy Roleplaying Game. This fantasy game of the ‘s served as a supplement to D&D/AD&D and as a stand-alone game. It was fairly innovative at the time and is known for its magic.

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I am actually nearing the end of the process. Go to our Sales Site. Also featured are optional rules for combat and magic, 27 character classes, new non-human races for player characters, photocopyable character sheets and spell cards along with a multitude of interesting game variants.

Jul 26, – Aug 25, 30 days. The rights are secured.

I will make every attempt to ensure that arcanun of the dice in the set are branded with the pentagram on the highest face. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Estimated delivery Sep If all else fails, I can do the printing through Lulu or CreateSpace.

Before you pledge…

Be the first to ask a question about Arcanum-Atlantean Trilogy. Bard Games released the first two; the third was released by Death’s Edge Games. Bard Games released the first two; the third was released by Death’s Edge Games. The Arcanum, in addition to repeating an edited and cleaned up version of the three previous books, yames an entire game engine hames the mix.

The biggest hurdle will be in the editing. Estimated delivery Oct Kickstarter is not a store. My name is K. Necromancer — my eternal gratitude.


The Arcanum | RPG Museum | FANDOM powered by Wikia

A whole new approach to magic – that of the resonance, powered by the mystical metal orichalcum – is provided, with 10 new spells. Explore the lost continents of Atlantis, Hyperboria, and Lemuria. One oppressive regime in Talislanta, the Aamanians of Aaman who worship the god Aa, resemble the Quechuans of the Atlantean Age in social structure and share a name with an archdevil, Aaman. I think you will like this Books by Stephan Michael Sechi. Bqrd of Atlantis is a sourcebook detailing this once-great people, ganes from the writing of Plato.

The funds afcanum also be used to locate the highest quality of dice possible and have them manufactured in arcnum quick manner to get them to you on time. His interests are eclectic and include the writings of William S.

This game covers the original setting, but not the original rules set. Locating a high-quality, quick-turn around laser-etched custom dice may cause delays depending upon who can give me the base quotes.

These two books were republished in as a single book, with some new material, entitled Atlantis, the Lost World.

The Arcanum

Some things are quirky. This reflects the rather unsophisticated map-making techniques available to cartographers of this ancient period, and the lack of specific knowledge concerning many isolated regions. My current working cover for the new edition. It had some editing and typographical errors, some issues with formatting, and so on.

Support Select this reward. I realized I needed to make my backers whole again. These will likely be within the price range I can afford since these would not be coming from the funds accumulated tames for printing costs.

The agreement between K. Together, the three books provide a highly detailed setting for fantasy role-playing; separately, any of the three books may be used to add variety and color to an ongoing campaign.


The Arcanum: 30th Anniversary Edition by ZiLa Games (K. David Ladage) — Kickstarter

I have the dice Chessex and the dice bags Custom Dice Bags. Somewhatbent added it Dec 21, Featuring badr maps of such legendary places as Tang the celestial cityAcheron, and Tartessos the “infamous city of sin”. I am a tinker of games and a natural game designer meaning that I love coming up with games, and aranum I play games I begin looking at how I would have done things almost immediately.

Then, after some more time, he left game writing to focus on his music career. ZiLa Games owns the text and art — so this is already taken care of. Sechi maintains the rights to that one element of the game. The Arcanum had three editions.

It should be stressed that all dates aro approximate, and are based upon the Atlantean calendar i. All such delays will be reported immediately. GURPS Atlantis includes rules for underwater operations, stats for a wide range of submarines, and no less than three campaign backgrounds – one high fantasy, one conspiratorial, ardanum one for steampunk or superhero games.

It’s a way to bring creative projects to life.

The store’s contact information will be included in the ‘Hall of Heroes’. Open Preview See a Problem?

Back ina company called Bard Games released some books: Check out the FAQ.